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In Sanskrit, the classical Indian written language, ‘aman’ means peace or rest and ‘prana’ refers to life energy. Thus, serene life energy. The elephant symbolises a latent, non-aggressive force and embodies wisdom, tolerance and peace. It symbolises happiness. Elephants are herbivores and eat no meat or fish. They do not kill. Amanprana is a range of products that supports and strengthens our life energy serenely without harming our body or mind. In short: gently and without excess.

Amanprana does not believe in the ‘magic pill’. Amanprana is always organic and vegetarian. Attention is also paid to healthy ecological packaging. We prefer glass over plastic, as it is better for the environ ment, your health and the taste. Whenever possible we print with vegetable inks and on ecological paper.

At Amanprana we believe in the whole and not in the separate parts. Our products are therefore processed as little as possible and we do not use isolates. Isolates are chemically or naturally fabricated isolated substances that will never be capable of equalling the whole. We do not, for example, add isolated vitamin E but use red palm and wheat germ oil as rich natural sources of vitamin E.

Amanprana has a wide range of organic food and organic cosmetics, devided in following categories:
- conventional fats - cosmetics & personal care - okinawa omega oil - mouth oil - coconut blossom sugar - cocos fibres - wheatgerms 

At Amanprana we are aware of Hippocrates’ wise words: ‘Let nutrition be your medicine and medicine your nutrition.’
We wish you a great deal of Amanprana!

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