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Year after year detoxing in Spring with smoothies, juices, and salads remains widely popular. But did you know that your body could benefit even more from a Fall detox? And that there’s absolutely no need for major diet or lifestyle changes when doing a Fall detox? A Fall detox is not so much about cleansing the body as it is about supporting the organs responsible for doing the cleansing.

After the bright and busy summer months, our bodies long to rest and recover and need all the help they can get. Luckily Mother Nature has given each of us exactly what we need to restore our natural balance. Our liver, kidneys and digestive tract! The only job we have is making sure they function properly. And once again, Mother Nature can lend a helping hand. 

Browse our choices of supplements and tools that will accompany you on your detox journey and a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Green tea organic - detox
    Rich in antioxidants, Qi Organic Detox tea is a cleansing tea with the fresh taste of orange and lemon.
    Each tea bag is individually wrapped and sealed to preserve freshness and flavor.
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  • Green tea organic - ginger
    Rich in green tea antioxidants and organic ginger, Qi Organic Green Tea may help stimulate digestion.

    Each tea bag is individually wrapped and sealed to preserve freshne...
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  • Ladrôme
    Natuurlijke drainage en detox van je lichaam
    Bij kortstondige vermoeidheid
    Ook voor sporters en de rijpere persoon
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  • Ladrôme
    Cleanses the body and detoxifies

    From time to time our body needs a thorough cleansing. It usually becomes evident in the spring, particularly if you suffer from spr...
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  • Ladrôme
    The flower complex 'disaccustomance' from Ladrôme was composed to assist in breaking bad habits.
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  • White organic tea - spicy
    The combination of tea (green or white) with cinnamon is often recommended to control sugar levels.

    The delicate sweetness of authentic Qi White tea and cinnamon delicio...
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The concept of detoxification is not new. Since ancient times humans have actively introduced protocols to rid the body of toxic overload. 

More than ever this is a contemporary challenge of our world, since the toxic overload we are exposed to today has 1000x multiplied. It is estimated that we are exposed to more than 70.000 hazardous toxic and heavy chemicals every day. On top of that our body and immune system is being bombarded with millions of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and parasites 

Being aware of these issues is the first step. Implementing active detoxification protocols is probably the most critical step on our journey to restore and maintain health. Healthy lifestyle protocols and taking the necessary action for prevention is a responsibility we all have to take serious, for ourselves, our loved ones and humanity. 

Totally avoiding toxins is probably not feasible in our modern day society, however, there are many things we can do to minimize the effect of toxic environmental overload and toxic diets and living, by introducing detoxification procedures and healthy nutritional foods that nurture body, spirit and mind.  

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