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What is Amanprana?


Amanprana is a brand of organic vegetarian food and body care. The company was born in 2005 in a small suburb of Antwerp, Belgium. Our founder, Bart Maes, started Amanprana because his daughter had serious concentration issues at school and had developed an allergy to cocoa.


         After devoting much blood, sweat and tears to research and by switching to omega oil, a cacao-free diet and exclusively eating organic, we managed to solve my daughter’s concentration disorder and her cocoa allergy. That proved to be a revelation, and I wanted to use this experience and the knowledge I gained on nutrition to find a balance between commerce and giving back to the community.


Amanprana started soon thereafter. Its first product was Okinawa Omega Oil. Bart improved the composition of the omega oil his daughter took, enriching the blend with herbs and eight naturally-occurring types of vitamin E and a large amount of carotenes. The coconut oil and red palm oil products quickly followed and Amanprana went international.


Amanprana stands for serene life energy. The name comes from Sanskrit, the classical Indian language, where ‘Aman’ means peace, and ‘Prana’ means life energy.


Amanprana Symbol-Elephant




Our symbol, the elephant, embodies wisdom, tolerance and peace. Elephants do not kill - they don’t eat meat or fish - they stand for non-violence, harmony and happiness. Making the elephant our brand symbol is the perfect match to represent Amanprana’s philosophy and values.


At Amanprana we live and breathe the wise words of Hippocrates:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”





 Amanprana products

Amanprana offers a range of organic food and body care products meant to strengthen your life energy. Our line of products includes, amongst others, organic coconut oil, coconut blossom sugar, plant-based omega 3-blends and high quality teas.


Each product supports and nourishes your body and mind, and comes in healthy and ecological packaging. We choose glass over plastic and opt for vegetable inks on ecological paper when possible.


When you choose Amanprana, you choose

  • Superior quality
  • 100% USDA organic
  • 100% vegetarian
  • As little processed as possible
  • No isolates
  • And, of course, a happy body and mind


We wish you a great deal of Amanprana.

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