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Amanprana Kotobuki Rooibos Tea, Organic & Fair Trade

Amanprana Kotobuki Rooibos Tea, Organic

Amanprana Alana, Mild Make-Up Remover with Chamomille

Amanprana Alana, Mild Make-Up Remover with Chamomile, Vitamin E and Carotene

Limited Gift Edition Amanprana Rosas!

Amanprana Care

✔ Organic massage oil
✔ Organic body care oil
✔ Nourishes body & skin
✔ For men and women

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Limited Gift Edition consists of: Rosas body oil 200ml & rose petals potpourri 30g

Ideal for a romatic bath or as a massge oil, the Rosas body oil can be used for your daily body care, can be worn as a perfume or provide you with that pampering moment we all seek. It is a real treat for your skin and truly beneficial for your emotional well-being.

Pour the rose petals potpourri in a bowl. Scatter them on the table, the stairs, the bed or in the bath to add a romantic touch. Immerse the organic cotton bag in water or keep it in your wardrobe or care. Or make a lovely rose tea or simply use the petals in cakes and enjoy their beneficial effects. Boost the scent with a few drops of Rosas oil. 

Body and Massage Oils for a balance between mind and body
Treat your whole body with these oils, after shower or bath, and preferably on still-moist skin in order to let them penetrate more readily. Or use as massage oil to rub away those daily stresses. It stimulates the blood circulation, thus providing the tissues with fresh blood and hence with extra oxygen and nutrients. Likewise, the lymphatic system is being stimulated and the removal of waste products promoted. 

The nourishing Amanprana oils bring the elasticity, softness and moisture of the skin back into balance. They protect the skin against outside influences. They give your skin the nourishing and repairing ingredients it needs. The combinations of almond, coconut, olive and red palm oil provide an excellent basis as essential oil carriers. They will also support and strengthen your mind, moods and emotions. 

Rosas Organic Massage Oil:

✔ Nourishes your body & skin
✔ For men & women
✔ Rich in vitamins & minerals
✔ Stress relieving

✔ For a happy & good mood
✔ A good night's rest
✔ A soft fragrance
✔ Relaxing

This Amanprana Limited Gift edition is available in two versions, the Lavandula version and the Rosas version. The Lavandula versions consists of the Lavandula body oil and the Lavender Potpourri. The Rosas versions consists of the Rosas body oil and the Rose potpourri.

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The Amanprana Lanvadula Body & Massage Oil

After showering and bathing

Use these unique day oils as a personal treat, as a daily relaxing ritual, just because it feels so nice.

Use them after showering or bathing, preferably on moist skin.

Your skin will immediately become noticeably softer. Or pat your skin dry and apply the oil all over your body and face.

Before getting dressed, give your skin a little time to absorb the oil.

The delicious scents will linger for a while and your skin will feel incredibly soft.


In the bathtub

An especially lovely and surprising way to use this oil is taking a nice refreshing or relaxing bath.

Rub your body with one of your favourite day oils and get into the tub.

Your skin is now entirely covered in oil, and the oil remains nicely distributed on your body.

As the heat opens up the blood vessels and the pores, the oil can do its job. Your skin remains surrounded by the oil.

Give your skin, body and emotions a treat by rubbing on or massaging in some more oil.

Relax, enjoy the fragrance you have chosen and let yourself be carried away on the waves of relaxation and well-being.


As a massage oil

Of course, we must not forget that a massage does wonders for a person.

Massage is the oldest form of alternative medicine, and this is for a good reason.

A massage can resolve and relieve many stress-related complaints and stimulate blood circulation, providing our tissue with new blood and hence extra oxygen and nutrients.

The circulation of the lymphatic system and the drainage of waste are also stimulated.

The touch and movements give us warmth, a sense of security, relaxation, calm and rest, which have a beneficial effect on our health.


Choose the day oil you feel you need at that particular moment, whether it be refreshing, relaxing, giving a sense of security, strength or comfort; treat yourself to a massage and enjoy its fragrances and wonderful relaxation.


Rose Potpourri - Rosa Damascena 30g

Use this potpourri to create a romantic atmosphere.

Spread the leaves in your bath, on the bed, on the table, .... the scent works as an aphrodisiac.

Put the bag in your car, between your clothing, on your night stand.

The scent of rose-leaves has a healing, harmonising effect on the female organs.

Make rose tea out of them or separate the rose-buds from the rose-leaves and use the leaves for cake.

Increase the lifespan of this potpourri by adding a few drops of Amanprana Rosas body oil now and then.

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