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Amanprana Drinking Bottle Eco Respekt, glass, 500ml, red

Amanprana Drinking Bottle Eco Respekt, glass, 500ml, red

Protective Cover - Amanprana Eco Respekt Glass Bottle

Protective Cover - Amanprana Eco Respekt Glass Bottle

Drinking Bottle Eco Respekt, glass, 500ml, tricolor


✔ For a better health & environment!
✔ Supports 'Save the Sea'
✔ Cork made from 100% recyclable materials
✔ Dishwasher Safe

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'Plastic Soup': the gigantic concentrations of toxic plastic in the oceans. What can you do to stop this massive, global ecological problem? Stop using plastic water bottles.

With the purchase of this Amanprana ‘Eco Respekt’ drinking bottle you are supporting Amanprana's ‘Save the Sea’ Initiative.

For more information about this initiative please visit

Express your respect for your fellow human beings and for the environment with the Eco Respekt Bottle

This bottle was designed with a keen eye for detail. The spiral around the neck of the battle symobilses the vitality of water. The mandala on the bottom represents geometry, which is a branch of mathematics devoted to 'measuring the earth'. Lastly, the Amanprana elephant represents a 'serene life force' - a gentle, spirited vegetarian, an animal that only takes what it needs. With this bottle, Amanprana's goal is to create awareness and to 'save the sea' one bottle at a time. 

Is our comfort society aware that the environment, air, sea, fish, seabirds and anmials are being poisoned by plastics at an alarmingly increasing speed?

Not only does plastic, which is quite often simply dumped in the ocean, poison our water, it also poisons all the ecological systems within that water. The fish are poisoned by this water. Moreover, penguins, whales and many other animals may drown or die from injury after being trapped in plastic that is floating around in the water.

We harm ourselves by allowing this excessive use of plastic to occur. We harm many eco-systems and thereby our food and sustenance. And what about tomorrow's generation? How will they survive with limited resources and a lack of clean water. On average, each year, people in Europe use fifty billion disposable bottles. This is more than 100 plastic bottles per person per year! 

Plastic is chemical, contains softeners, monomers and is not bio-degradable. It stinks, migrates into your drinks (especially during hot weather or in hot drinks) and increases the visiable mountain of waste. The product of plastics produces 5 times more greenhouse gas emissions than gas bottles do. 

Fifty per cent of plastic bottles are recycled - pretty good, most would say, but they would be wrong. First of all, a recycled bottle will never become a bottle again. And every time plastic is recycled, it loses some value. Eventually, plastic is either tipped or burned. Half of the recycled plastic bottles are burned, and pollute the air that we breathe.

Whatever what people may say, plastic is also not suitable for food. Much like when you drink from a plastic contain, small particles enter the body. They can be responsible for hormone balance and those of a (possible) foetus. Additionally it increases the chance of cancer. Moreover, plastic bottles and drinking containers are never cleaned completely and therefore are in risk of becoming moldy and full of microbes. 

A better world starts with you!

A glass drinking container is a major step forward to a more ecological and healthy lifestyle. A better world starts with you! Glass is clean, reusable, hygienic, 100% recyclable and odourless. Additionally, it does not harm the environment. Glass is inert and will therefore not leak into your drink nor transfer particles into your drink/food.

You should use this 'Eco Respekt Drinking Bottle', which is made of extra thick, strong glass, is covered in a shock absorbing and insulating holder made from recycled materials, and is free of toxic metals. Safe on the bike, going to school, in your car, at work, at the gym, while hiking, etc.! Perfect in any situation you may think of. The cork is 100% natural and bio-degradable.

This bottle is available in three colors; Blue, Green & Red. It can also be purchased in a tri-color package with 10% discount. 

Contents: 0.5L

Good for cold and hot drinks. Dishwasher Safe. 

Bottle comes with a second bottle stop, made of 100% recycled materials

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Price €59.85
EAN 5425013645799
Weight 1.0000
Magazijn ID 2158
Case per 1
Brand Amanprana
Content 500ml
Gluten free Yes
Fairtrade No
Raw No
Vegan Yes
Best Before N/A

Perfect for biking, hiking, going to school, at work, at the gym, etc. 

Dishwasher safe

Suitable for hot and cold drinks

Ingredients N/A
Tips N/A
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