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Gula Java Cocoa with Vitamin D, organic


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✔ Delicious bio chocolate milk
✔ With Vitamin D
✔ For endurance and energy
✔ Brimming with natural antioxidants

Gula Java Cacao + vit D + energy

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  • Gula Java Cacao + vit D + energy
  • Gula Java Cacao + vitamin D

Product Description

Gula Java Cocoa + Vitamin D is a delicious bio chocolate milk with Vitamin D

This sports drink consists of a combination of cocoa with coconut blossom sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and plant-based Vitamin D. No refined sugar, no artificial sweeteners added--only pure and healthy energy straight from nature. 

A delicious drink that can be consumed warm or cold: for breakfast, as an energy-rich snack, during sports, recreation, studying, and socializing. 

All Amanprana energy drinks contain a particularly high ORAC – value. This means that they naturally contain many antioxidants. Therefore, they are the only performance, sports or energy drinks in the world that provide the best protection against external factors during and after physical activity.

Gula Java Cocoa + Vitamin D contains plant-based Vitamin D derived from the Amanprana Agaricus.

Next to the original Gula Java Cocoa performance drink made with coconut blossom sugar, cocoa, vanilla and cinnamon, we now also have a chocolate milk variant in which Vitamin D has been added. The Vitamin D in this sports nutrition comes from the Agaricus mushroom. 

The Amanprana Agaricus mushroom is especially high in Vitamin D and helps develop strong bones, teeth, muscles and enables a more effective immune system. (You can find more information about this mushroom in the Amanprana Vitamin D-Consomme, Vitamin D2 + Saffron + Superfoods.)

One tablespoon of Gula Java Cocao + Vitamin D contains the necessary daily amount of Vitamin D. You won’t taste it but you will notice it! Chocolate milk with a healthy boost. 

Why choose a chocolate milk with extra Vitamin D?

A shortage of Vitamin D can lead to weakened bones and teeth, memory problems, muscle pain and also a deterioration in mood. About 70% of Europeans have a Vitamin D deficiency. Due to a lack of exposure to sunlight we still have to derive Vitamin D from our food. Resolve this shortage in a natural way by adding a daily portion of Gula Java Cocao + Vitamin D.

Gula Java Cocoa + Vitamin D is the ideal chocolate drink that adds more endurance and energy during exercise.

Michael Phelps, the American swimming champion, drank chocolate milk during the Olympics of 2004. He won 8 medals without consuming classic sport drinks, supplements or steroids. With the help of a low fat chocolate drink like the Gula Java Cocoa you will recover faster from physical efforts in comparison to sport drinks based only on sugars. The composition of Gula Java Cocoa is optimal: it provides carbohydrates with few but sufficient amount of proteins. 

Gula Java Cocoa + Vitamin D contains:

✔ Low fat cocoa
✔ Your daily dose of Vitamin D
✔ Mineral-rich coconut blossom sugar with a cinnamon and vanilla booster
✔ Carbohydrates and sufficient proteins that will be absorbed quickly
✔ A low GI value by which the energy will be released in a more balanced way: No more significant blood sugar fluctuations
✔ A high antioxidant value (ORAC of 2200), so that athletes will be protected against oxidative stress during and after their physical activity

Additional Information

Brand Amanprana
Content No
Free Shipping No
Gluten free Yes
Fair trade No
Raw No
Vegan Yes

78,2% coconut blossom sugar (1,2), 20% cocoa powder (1,3), 1% vanilla (1,3), 0,5% cinnamon, 0,3% Agaricus mushroom.

390g, Bovis 9.500, -30 Yin, GI 30


1 Organic, 2 Fair World, 3 Fair Trade

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Add one full tablespoon (15g) of Gula Java Cocoa to one large cold or warm glass of milk or to a grain-based drink for a delicious warm or cold chocolate drink full of energy.

For a good start at breakfast, as an energy-rich snack, during recreation, sports, games, studying, socializing and other moments related to physical and mental exercise.

For some inspiration and delicious recipes from Amanprana, please click here


78,2% coconut blossom sugar (1,2), 20% cocoa powder (1,3), 1% vanilla (1,3), 0,5% cinnamon, 0,3% Agaricus mushroom.

390g, Bovis 9.500, -30 Yin, GI 30


1 Organic, 2 Fair World, 3 Fair Trade

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