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GSE CitroPlus grapefruit seed extract, organic

GSE CitroPlus grapefruit seed extract, organic

Sonnentor, Kamillethee los 50g

Camomile loose 50g, organic

Kotobuki Matcha Tea 50g, Organic


100% of 100

✔ Organic and Fair Trade Green Tea
✔ Kotobuki premium quality
✔ Contains Vitamin A & C
✔ Contains Potassium, Iron, Zinc & Calcium
✔ 50 g = 50 servings

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Kotobuki Matcha tea from Amanprana: a green tea of the highest quality

A cup of green tea is healthy, but a cup of matcha tea contains a multitude of nutrients and antioxidants. That's because matcha is a powder from ground green tea leaves. So you drink the whole leaf, while you throw away the tea leaves when you drink ordinary green tea. By drinking matcha you get even more out of the advantages of green tea.

Amanprana kotobuki matcha has an intense green colour and tastes sweet with a soft aftertaste. The tea is placed in a violet glass jar to protect the top quality from light and oxygen.

What is kotobuki matcha or kotobuki rooibos tea?

Kotobuki in Japanese means 'long life' and 'blessing'. Amanprana refers to the high nutritional value of its Matcha tea, namely Kotobuki quality. There is also a Kotobuki Rooibos tea and Kotobuki Earl Grey tea.

Amanprana uses for its matcha only the finest young leaves of the Camellia Sinensis, made in an organic way. The veins of the green tea leaves are expertly removed, after which the leaves are very slowly crushed on handmade granite mills into an ultra-fine tea powder. This is done at only 40g per hour. You can see this in the colour of the matcha and taste it too. The Japanese Amanprana matcha sommeliersupervises the production process and applies strict standards. 

Why buy kotobuki Matcha from Amanprana?

There is a lot of difference in the quality of Matcha. There is matcha for culinary use (cheaper), matcha for beginners who have a less refined taste, to matcha for ceremonial use and of premium quality (most expensive). Amanprana Matcha is premium quality with a high nutritional value and organic certified (tea without heavy metals, chemicals or pesticides).

Amanprana Kotobuki Matcha is the best quality Matcha tea with the highest ORAC value (= antioxidant content) among the premium Matchas. Kotobuki Matcha is used in tea ceremonies and served in the best tea houses in Japan.

Why matcha green tea or rooibos tea drink?

Rooibos tea is very popular as a decaffeinated alternative to black tea or coffee. Many people therefore drink it in the evening instead of a cup of coffee. Rooibos, like matcha, also contains a lot of antioxidants.

Do you like to drink rooibos and do you want something different? Then buy Amanprana matcha. Matcha is very popular because it would boost your concentration without the agitation of coffee. In addition, green tea offers many other advantages. Reasons enough to drink matcha every day.

Essentials for preparing matcha

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Price €49.95
EAN 5425013643979
Weight 0.1950
Magazijn ID 1960
Case per 4
Brand Amanprana
Content 50g
Gluten free Yes
Fairtrade No
Raw Yes
Vegan Yes
Best Before N/A

Drink in unfilitered hot or cold water. Simply add 1 teaspoon (or taste to preference). Stir and enjoy in harmony, respect, purity and silence.

Can also be added to milk, fruit juice or other drinks. Is also delicious on cereals or other foods.


Amanprana per 100g Kotobuki Matcha

Cathechins total 12.200 mg Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) 6.700 mg Epigallocatechin 3.700 mg Epicatechin gallate 1.100 mg Epicatechin 700 mg Gallocatechin gallate - mg Catechin gallate - mg Catechin - mg Zinc 2,7 mg Iron 9,5 mg Proteins 15 types incl 8+2 essential Fibre 32 g L-theanine 1.067 mg Theine (caffeine) 3,2 g Tannins 10.400 mg


You can use the Kotobuki matcha to make tea, but in combination with cold water, hot milk or grain drink, this healthy tea is also very tasty. Make a matcha latte with it.

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