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Amanprana ORAC Botanico mix, mild, bio

Amanprana ORAC Botanico Mix, Mild, Organic

Immuno Botanico-mix, a natural antibiotic with 4 seaweeds, minerals, sumac berry and Khoisan fleur de sel

Immuno Botanico Mix, organic

ORAC Botanico Mix, Spicy, Organic


100% of 100

✔ With Hibiscus & Chili
✔ Adds a Spicy Touch
✔ ORAC Spice Mix + Khoisan Fleur de Sel, Sumac, 4 Seaweeds

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ORAC Botanico Mix Spicy: The First Super Tqsty Spice Mix That Keeps Your Health in Mind 

Amanprana ORAC Botanico (Spicy) has a fantastic complex taste. The spice mix is surprisingly delicious. I add it to flavour or sprinkle it as a finishing touch over salads, soups, zucchini pasta. Also delicious in sauces, vegetable curries and pestos! Delightful!

--- Julie Van den Korchove (Belgian Raw Food Chef at &

What is ORAC Botanico Mix Spicy?

The Amanprana Botanico mixes are organic spice mixes. It is a mixture of: sage, oregano, rosemary, thyme, szechuanpepper, turmeric, sumac, clove, cinnamon, vinalla, khoyan seasalt, 4 kinds of seaweed, hibiscus and chili. The chili is what makes this spice mix extra spicy. Add the ORAC Botanico Mix Spicy to add flare to your favourite dishes.

Amanprana’s ORAC Botanico Mixes Are Enriched with Khoisan Fleur de Sel, Seaweeds & Sumac

The basic spice mixture in ORAC Botanico Mix Mild and ORAC Botanico Mix Spicy consists of 9 important spices.

ORAC Botanico Mild & Spicy also contain the sumac berry, Khoisan Fleur de Sel (a unique non-ground sea salt), as well as 4 mineral-rich seaweeds.

Give Your Dishes A Natural Boost With the ORAC Botanico Mix Spicy

Our bodies do no generate minerals or trace elements on their own and they cannot be derived from medicine. Additionally, due to our intensive agriculture and aquaculture, the food that makes it to our plates today, contains increasingly less minerals and trace elements than before.

What’s The Difference Between ORAC Botanico Mild and ORAC Botanico Spicy?

These ORAC mixes have a slightly different composition and consequently also differ in flavour.

ORAC Mild – with the purple label – contains less ORAC mix, less seaweeds, more Khoisan fleur de sel and a few other herbs, such as mustard seed, sweet pepper, coriander seed, lavender, marigold and cornflower.

ORAC Spicy – with the red label – contains more ORAC mix, more seaweeds, less Khoisan fleur de sel, but also contains hibiscus and chili.

These differences in composition result in a noticeable difference in flavour.

We also recommend adding the other Botanico Mixs to your food:

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As a substitute for pepper or salt to flavour your dishes.

Add the mix to soups, vinaigrettes, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, fruit salads and desserts to deliciously enrich them. Or use the botanico mix as a bouillon or for a mother sauce. It will feed and nourish you; it contains antioxidants, 80 minerals and 1,000 micro nutrients. 

Grind or crush the ORAC botanico mix for even more flavour and aroma.

For beauty infusions - vapors and baths

In order to enrich ointments or lotions


For delicious recipes with this Botanico Mix we recommend Healthy Food, Happy People by Chantal Voets.


68% Oracmix* (13% sage*, 9% oregano*, 9% rosemary*, 9% thyme*, 7% Szechuan pepper*, 5% turmeric*, 4% sumac*, 4% clove*, 4% cinnamon*, 4% vanilla*), 18% khoisan sea salt, 7% seaweed mix* (nori*, sea lettuce*, kombu*, dulse*), 4% hibiscus*, 3% chilli*


*Certified Organic

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