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Amanprana Extra Vierge Walnoot Olie: Biologisch & Fair Trade

Amanprana Walnut Oil, Extra Virgin & Organic

Amanprana Coconut Oil with Olive & Red Palm Oil - Extra Virgin and Organic.

Amanprana Coconut Oil with Olive & Red Palm Oil - Extra Virgin & Organic

Red Palm Oil - Extra Virgin & Organic


100% of 100

✔ Fair Trade & Organic Red Palm Oil
✔ Rich in Vitamin E
✔ For Spreading and Baking
✔ Cold Pressed and Unrefined
✔ Ideal for Skin

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Red palm oil 325ml, organic
Red palm oil 1600ml organic
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Red Palm Oil From Amanprana is Durable Palm Oil from Colombia

Each liter of Amanprana Red Palm Oil is durable & sustainable:

  • Protects the biodiversity of Colombia (birds, amphibians, animals and plants)
  • Protects 1 tree in the Colombian rainforest
  • Funds local small scale alliances of organic palm farmers

Through the World Land Trust (WLT), Amanprana supports the Colombian environmental organisation Proaves. Proaves protects the habitats of birds and amphibians that are threatened with extinction by stopping excessive logging and deforestation. Amanprana ensures that one tree is saved for each liter (33 fl oz) of Amanprana's Red Palm Oil that is sold. Thanks to Amanprana and its fans, ProAves has already been able to purchase 96 acres of Colombian rainforest.

So, enjoy our authentic tasting Red Palm Oil and it it to your African, Asian or South American dishes. \

Rich in Vitamin E, which contributes to the protection of cells against oxidative stress.

More info about the origins of the Amanprana Red Palm Oil can be found via this link.

A Beautiful Tan With Red Palm Oil?

Red palm oil can give you a beautifully tanned and glowing skin. It is ideal to spread on your skin. 

TIP: Mix 2/3 coconut oil zith 1/3 red palm oil and, perhaps a couple of drops of essential oils for a delightful fragrance.

Please note that sun lotion mixture with red palm oil is very good for your skin and your tan, but it has no SPF. It should not be used as substitute to SPF sun lotions. If you use this mixture for your skin after sunbathing, however, you will have a nice colour and your skin will be well-nourished. (Just wait long enough to put your clothes on because it may leave stains, especially on white clothes.)

How to Use Red Palm In the Kitchen?

Red Palm Oil is ideal for wokking, frying or deep-frying (one time use only). When heated, the oil will add a mild flavour to your dishes. Red Palm is less suited for repeated deep-frying, single time uses are recommended. Please heat the frying bowl a little before putting in the oil. When spread on bread, the taste is more prevalent and stronger. It is spreadable at room temperature, liquid from 20-30 degrees Celcius.

Can also be used as massage oil. 

Bio control is done by BLIK.

Packaged in glass. This is better for the environment and for the taste of the red palm oil.

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In the kitchen

  • To give your dishes the typical African, red palm oil flavor
  • For cooking and stir-fry (not for repetitive frying)
  • Great for moambe, rice, stewed onions, potatoes, and fried eggs sunny side up
  • For Amanprana recipes with Red Palm Oil, click here


For tanning purposes:

  • After sunbathing apply generously to skin
  • Create a mix of 2/3 coconut oil and 1/3 red palm oil on your skin after sunbathing
  • Add a few drops of essential oil for to fragrance your 'aftersun'
  • Please note that Red Palm Oil does not / should not replace an SPF suntan lotion.

Bio extra virgin red palm oil 100%.

Pure and nothing added.

Nutritional Value Red Palm (per 100g): Calories: 900. Joules: 3762. 100g fat and oil. Saturated fats and oils: 50,2% of which MCT 0,2%, LCT 50% (palmitin 44,3%, other 5,7%). Monounsaturated fatty acids: omega-9: 39%. Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 10,8% (omega-6: 10,5%, omega-3: 0.3%), 0g carbohydrates, 0g sugar, 0g protein, 0g cholesterol, 0g fibre, 0g sodium and 0g trans fats. Red Palm is hypoallergic: no gluten and no allergenic components (EFSA 2003/89/ EC). Vitamin E 25mg (208% of RDA), carotene 20.100 mcg, plant sterols, polyphenols, Co-Q10, lecitin.

A non-standardized natural product; the quoted amounts may vary from batch to batch.


Ook te gebruiken als massageolie en als drager van etherische olie.

Meng 2/3 kokosolie met 1/3 rode palmolie, eventueel een paar druppels essentiële olie voor een lekker geurtje…

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