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Bambu Salz Bamboo salt 1x roasted, fine powder 200g

Bambu Salz Bamboo salt 1x roasted, fine powder 200g

Bambu Salz Bamboo salt 1x roasted, fine powder 110g

Bambu® Salz

✔ Korean salt, alkaline
✔ Source of minerals
✔ 1x roasted
✔ Very fine grain
✔ Versatile to use

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Bamboo salt: truly enrich your food with this precious sea salt full of minerals

These days, our diet contains much less nutrients than, say, 50 years ago. But today we need more nutrients to break down pollutants and chemicals in our bodies. Minerals activate vitamins and trigger enzymes that remove waste. No vitamins without minerals. Salt ensures that nutrients are properly transported through our body and absorbed into our cells. 

What’s special about bamboo salt, is that it contains a very high concentration of minerals. Bamboo salt is therefore far more than an aromatic seasoning. It is an easy and natural way to add extra nutritional strength to your food every day. Sprinkle this powerful bamboo salt over your food or soak up some salt crystals every day. Bamboo salt is very salty and it has a high sulphur content, which you can also taste. After a while that taste fades and you can even taste some sweetness.

How is it that there are so many minerals in bamboo salt?

Bamboo salt (Jukyeom) is a special type of salt from Korea. It was first produced there 1000 years ago by monks as a health remedy for the people in Korea. It is produced in the traditional way and by hand, through roasting. How? You can read all about it here.

Each time bamboo salt is roasted, once, twice or 9 times, the quality goes up. More impurities are removed and the concentration of minerals in the salt goes up. The colour also gets darker and darker. Bamboo salt roasted 9 times is therefore called purple salt. It takes 3 years to roast bamboo salt 9 times!

The roasting process also gives the salt a high sulphur content. This makes bamboo salt very alkaline or base (pH value between 9 and 12), while most types of salt are acidic. Bamboo salt can therefore have a neutralising effect on acidic food, which makes a good breeding ground for many diseases. 

Different size bamboo salt grains for different uses

You can use bamboo salt for many things; a mineral-rich supplement or to enrich your food, but also to brush your teeth, in your bath, or as a saline solution for the nose, eyes and face. For more uses see here. Depending on the use, you can go for fine or coarse salt.

  • This once-roasted bamboo salt is very fine, almost a powder. Ideal as kitchen salt or table salt. Also easy to make into a saline solution.
  • twice roasted bamboo salt is fine, similar to fleur de sel. 
  •  bamboo salt roasted nine times comes in coarse and very coarse grain sizes. This coarse bamboo salt is ideal as a supplement to soak up.

Why do we need minerals and salt?

Although minerals account for only 3.5% to 4% of our body, they do have a major influence on how they function. They activate vitamins and are therefore at the core of how our body functions. A lack can cause many problems, but you can't just top it up!  To be absorbed properly , it is important that they are natural minerals and preferably in the right proportions. Too much of any one mineral works against the absorption or effect of the other minerals.

Salt is vital in life. Salt contains sodium, a substance we do not make ourselves, but which is essential for the proper functioning of muscles and nerve cells, and which also controls our blood pressure and fluids balance. Each salt contains its own unique combination of minerals and trace elements that enable the salt to do its job properly. So it is not a question of consuming less salt but of consuming BETTER,  mineral-rich salt.

Why is bamboo salt even better than sea salt?

Sea salt is already an interesting type of salt naturally containing many minerals. But processing it into bamboo salt offers additional benefits:

  1. Removing impurities: Our seas are heavily polluted. The traditional roasting process for making bamboo salt, above 1300C, is a scientific method to remove all chemicals and impurities from sea salt.
  2. Making minerals easier to take up: Minerals out of the ground are not easily absorbed by the human body and not all minerals in sea salt can be absorbed by humans. The process of baking at high temperatures causes the elements or minerals to form other compounds, making them very easily absorbed by the human body. 
  3. Combine beneficial, natural minerals: By baking them all together, we can combine natural minerals from bamboo, clay and resin with salt. In bamboo salt you will also find minerals that would otherwise not be found in sea salt. Bamboo has been used in Asia for centuries as a medicinal herb against various disorders. 

How bamboo salt is made:

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Bamboo salt is very versatile in use:

  • Sprinkle it over your food or suck in on some salt crystals as if it were candy.
  • You can also make a salt solution from bamboo salt to rinse your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Or brush your teeth with it.
  • For irritated skin: spray some salt dissolved in water on your skin.
  • Put 3 tablespoons of fine bamboo salt in your bath for a relaxing moment

For more applications see here.


>95% sea salt, bamboo carbon

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