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Green People Quinoa & Prebiotics Deodorant

Green People Quinoa & Prebiotics Deodorant

crystal deo stick


✔ Organic deodorant stick
✔ Works up to 24 hours
✔ Cork packaging
✔ No more stains
✔ Neutral scent

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Flutter About Sweat-Free for 24 Hours with This Deodorant freom Biork

Oh yes, it's all possible! This deodorant stick is the first 100% ecological crystal deodorant. It keeps those bad sweat oudors away without damaging your skin. It even soothes irritations after shaving, irritations after depilation and stops bleeding of small shaving wounds. The deodorant is made from potassium (potassium alum), a naturally occurring mineral salt. This deodorant is packaged in a 100% biodegradable sleeve. Only the best for you and nature of course.

How does this deodorant work?

This deodorant does not contain harmful aluminum chlorides. We see that these aluminum chlorides are used in most deodorants. It works against sweating, but penetrates the pores of the skin and deforms or denatures skin pores. Something should probably avoid...

The Biork deo stick is made of, in scientific terms, a hydrating double sulphase salt compound with potassium and potassium aluminium sulphate. Simply put, this potassium aluminium sulphate remains on the surface of the skin, meaning it does not penetrate the skin, and has an antibacterial effect. Therefore, this deodorant works antibacterially because bacteria are the cause of unpleasant odors, not sweat..

How do you use this deodorant?

Wet the stick with water and rub onto the skin. A thin layer will remain on your skin (it's better to apply onto clean skin). After rubbing onto the skin, the mineral salts will dry quickly, without leaving and stains or stripes on your clothes. The salt crystals are not absorbed by the skin, allowing your skin to breathe. Odours don't stand a chance! If you dry the stick after using it, the stick will last longer.

Plastic-free packaging: A alum deodorant stick in cork packaging

Cork, a peculiar choice, right? After thinking about it long and hard, Biork decided to go with cork for their packaging? Why? Because cork is a renewable resource and is easy to recycle. This cork, when recycled for example, can be used as raw material to make isolating materials for walls and floors in houses. Durable and easy.

How is this cork made? Cork grows on large cork oak trees in regions of Portugal and Spain. The bark is removed from these trees when they are 20 years old and is used to make the cork. Naturally, the trees will grow new bark. This process can take up to 11 years. The trees itself are very strong because, despite being de-barked, they can become up to 350 years old!

Aside from the cork used to protect the crystal stick, the paper around the cork is also made of recyclable materials.

What makes Biork such as fantastic product?

  • Alum crystal
  • 100% bio degradable packaging - zero plastic cork packaging
  • 100% free of aluminium chloride - without inhibting the lymph function in your armpits
  • The skin can breathe - bad odours don't stand a chance
  • 24-hour lasting
  • Does not stain clothing
  • Budget-friendly, lasts you a long time
  • Not tested on animals
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Price €13.50
EAN 7640108202079
Weight 0.1200
Magazijn ID 2870
Case per 50
Brand Biork
Content 120g
Gluten free Yes
Fairtrade No
Raw Yes
Vegan Yes
Best Before N/A
Use N/A
Ingredients N/A
  • Do not eat or lick
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