Make your own gift sets and share your healthy habits with your friends and family. How about edible flowers for the avid bakers, a detox set for tea enthusiasts or a salad dressing set for the salad fanatic?

1. Khoisan fleur de sel for the dinner table

Khoisan fleur de sel by Amanprana - great Christmas gift idea

Share your healthy habits with your friends and family with this small pot of Khoisan fleur de sel. Unrefined and unprocessed, these ‘flowers of salt’ have an ultra-soft, delicate flavour. Rich in electrolytes and trace elements that the body eagerly processes. It is simply good for you. And who doesn't use salt?


2. Detox set for tea enthusiasts

Detox tea set for tea enthusiasts

Tea lovers will do well to trade in their caffeine fuelled black and green teas for a detoxing herbal tea. Detox tea discharges the waste, including the excess caffeine. You can make your own gift set with a bag of Model Your Body Beauty Tea #2 and a box of Emotional Detox. Tasty, warming and relaxing.


3. Edible flowers for the avid bakers

Edible flowers for sale on

Surprise those who like to bake with colourful edible flowers they can use to decorate their cakes and cupcakes. For a more classic choice, choose the purple lavender and pink rosebuds. Or for a more bold choice, choose the red hibiscus or orange blossoms. Great gift in combination with a jar of coconut blossom sugar.


4. Stainless steel lunch box for bio-lovers

Stainless steel lunchboxes by A Slice of Green

Looking for a cute little box to pack your healthy snacks in? You’ve found it! This box is made without plasticizers, without varnish or coating. And the taste of your food remains perfectly preserved. Replace your Tupperware stock with a round, square or rectangular stainless steel box. Get rid of plastic. And for soup? We have a green thermos that will keep your soup warm for up to 6 hours.


5. Decorative water bottle, also for flowers

Glass water bottle - Soulbottles

What do you give to someone who has everything? A glass bottle with a meaning behind it. Easy to take to the gym. Or to showcase flowers, using the bottle as an original vase. Each image on the Soulbottles has a meaning behind it: Just Breathe, Fill Your Life with Soul and You’re Right. Pass on your message with a beautiful and meaningful bottle this year.


6. Matcha set for novices

Organic matcha - Aiya

‘In 2017? I am going to drink less coffee.’ For friends with this New Year’s resolution is a matcha set for beginners the ideal gift. Matcha can be their super healthy, new habit. It is pure green energy; filled with chlorophyll, rich in antioxidants and excellent for a good mood. Because with matcha the ‘happiness hormones’ will be flowing through your brain. It makes you healthy and happy. Who doesn't want that?


7. Gift Set for Her

Razoli shaving oil for women by Amanprana

Super smooth legs, a clean and healthy skin, plus longer results. This is what you will get with the Amanprana Razoli shaving oil. Add to this a fresh smelling face oil or a bottle of vanilla scented massage oil, and your gift set is complete. Success guaranteed.


8. Gift Set for Him

Amanprana Razoli Shaving Oil for men

Show him that you still care. A bottle of perfume is good, but you can do better. Razoli shaving oil, for example is the ideal gift. It is 2 in 1; there is no need for aftershave anymore. To complete your giftset you can add a small deodorant without aluminium for in his gym bag


9. Kitchen readings for the amateur chefs

Mangez bien, sentez-vous bien -- Livre d'Amanprana

Those who are captivated by healthy diets and nutritional readings will find absolute pleasure by reading ‘Healthy Food, Happy People’. More than 100 original recipes and lots of information has been beautifully put together in this book. Those who want to eat less meat but worry about meeting the recommended daily protein intake will find all the answers they need in ‘Healthy and Happy with Proteins’. Two ideal books for the serious foodies who wish to live healthier.


10. Salad dressing set for the salad fanatic

Salad dressing set - extra virgin olive oil - Amanvida

Give your best friends a set of ‘health’ as a gift: Extra Virgin Olive Oil + the ORAC Spice Mix Mild or Spicy. In general, it is recommended to absorb between 3500 and 5000 antioxidants each day in order to have a healthy body. With a teaspoon of these ORAC spices your best friend will have more than 5000 antioxidants already. Much healthier than that glass of red wine.

Do you have any great gift ideas for us?