Coconut oil is controversial, just like the use of fats in general. Which fats are good for me? How much fat should I eat to be healthy? Am I better off using products with a lower fat content? Is coconut oil truly good for you or just bad? The answer will depend on which research papers you read. And what you believe.

Put aside all that literature you’ve been reading and stop consulting Dr. Google. Try coconut oil and find out for yourself. Look at your own experiences. Only then you will find the absolute truth.

Taste coconut oil, rub it onto your skin, use coconut oil in your dishes, mix coconut oil into your smoothie, give your dog or cat a teaspoon of coconut oil….

There are enough ways to try and test coconut oil and experience it for yourself.

We have written down our top 20 favourite ways to use coconut oil here just for you.

hoe gebruik je kokosolie - 20x kokosolie


#1 Spread Coconut Oil Instead Margarine or Butter on Your Bread

If you love the flavour of coconut oil, you don’t need to add anything else to your sandwich. If you prefer a sweet taste, mix the coconut oil with a teaspoon of Gula Java Cacao or Gula Java Matcha. You can also sprinkle some delicious spice mixes over the coconut oil, such as 4-Algae or Orac Mild or Chili.


#2 Use Coconut Oil Instead of Peanut Oil When Making Mayonnaise

Heat up the coconut oil to its melting point, let it cool down for a moment and add other (liquid) oils to turn it into a mayonnaise. For a spicier version, you can add a teaspoon of wasabi to the mix.


#3 Remove your Make-Up with Coconut Oil

Without damaging the skin’s natural barrier or dehydrating your skin, oil absorbs make-up and removes impurities. Rub some coconut oil gently onto the skin, wipe-off and rinse with lukewarm water.


#4 Clean your Dog or Cat’s Fur with Coconut Oil

A stubborn dirty spot on your pet’s fur? Take some coconut oil between your fingers and rub onto the spot. Comes off just like that.


#5 Brush your Teeth with Coconut Oil

For a shiny smile, brush your teeth with coconut oil. Coconut oil is antibacterial and removes the bacteria that cause cavities.


#6 Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic detox technique whereby you ‘push’ and ‘pull’ the oil around in your mouth like you do with mouthwash. Do this for up to 20 minutes. You’ll feel refreshed and clean afterwards.


#7 Avoid Nipple Fissures or Nipple Chafing with Coconut Oil

Running or breast feeding. Coconut oil is perfect for each member of the family. It works perfectly against chafed nipples and nipple fissures. And your baby will like it as well. Coconut oil, in any case, tastes better than almond oil, right?


#8 Add some Coconut Oil to your Bath

Treat yourself and your body with the time to relax. Add coconut oil and your favourite essential oils to your bathwater for some extra pampering.


#9 Massage your Feet with Coconut Oil

Refresh your feet with the fresh fragrance of coconuts while you enjoy a well-deserved foot massage.

hoe gebruik je kokosolie - is kokosolie gezond

#10 Fry your Fries or Chips in Coconut Oil

Out of all fats and oils, coconut oil contains the most saturated fatty acids and is therefore the most stable kind of fat. This means that the oil can handle high temperatures, making it ideal for french-fries and other fried dishes.


#11 Use Coconut Oil to Shave

By shaving with oil, your skin barrier will remain unharmed and be nourished. And, you won’t need body lotion or aftershave afterwards. Win-win!


#12 Make your Coffee Creamy with Coconut Oil

Add a teaspoon of coconut oil to your coffee and use an electric whisk to make it creamy.


#13 Prevent Dry Sun, Sea or Beach Hair with Coconut Oil

Enjoy the sun, sea and beach without care by putting coconut oil on the tips of your fingers and running your hands through your hair. Add some extra oil onto the ends of your hair.


#14 Avoid Chapped Skin during your Winter Sports Holiday

A sun-free, frosty day on the slopes? Protect your skin and lips with coconut oil and take a mini pot with you for when you need it.


#15 Use Coconut Oil to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Oil improves the skin’s elasticity, which is very important during pregnancy. Spread a rich layer of coconut oil onto the skin every morning and evening to prevent stretch marks.

#16 Use Coconut Oil as Lip Balm

Because what you put on your lips, you also eat.


#17 Add of Spoon of Coconut Oil to your Smoothie

Coconut oil gives you a long-lasting ‘full’ feeling. Add a tablespoon to your smoothie and experience how you feel throughout the day.


#18 Treat your Wooden Furniture with Coconut Oil

Oil works just as nourishing for wood as it does for humans. Treat your wooden furniture with coconut oil. Start on with an unnoticeable piece of the furniture to see how the wood reacts to the oil.


#19 Mix Coconut Oil with Coconut Blossom Sugar for a Natural Body Scrub

The sugar removes the dead skin cells and the coconut oil nourishes the underlying skin cells. Two birds with one stone…


#20 Give your Vegetables an Eastern Flavour by Woking with Coconut Oil

Once heated, the flavour of coconut oil becomes subtler. Taste and enjoy it.


Do you know of any other fun uses for coconut oil? Share them with us here.