Razoli Shaving Oil

With Razoli Shaving Oil for Women you’ll have a perfectly groomed bikini line this summer, without the itchiness, razor bumps or any other skin irritations. Using Razoli Shaving Oil to groom your groin beats getting a bikini wax. Shaving becomes gliding.  

When you use this shaving oil for your armpits and legs the result will be just as silky soft and long-lasting.

Shaving tests with Razoli shaving oil for women have demonstrated that this nurturing shaving oil is perfect for even the most sensitive skin types.

5 reasons to shave with Razoli

1. You can see where you’ve shaved

Razoli is transparent, so the hairs which still need to be shaved off are clearly visible. Handy for sculpting pubic hair.

2. No rinsing required

Unlike shaving foam and gel, Razoli stays on the skin. This makes it easier to shave in the shower or bath.

3. No after-care required

Razoli hydrates, restores and nourishes the skin as you shave. The skin barrier remains intact. And after-care in the form of body lotion or aftershave is unnecessary.

4. Less chance of irritation

Acne, eczema and other forms of skin inflammation are often caused by chemical ingredients and by damage to the skin barrier. Razoli is 100% natural and strengthens the natural skin barrier.

5. Fresh scent

The essential oils in Razoli give it a fresh, stimulating scent. Razoli shaving oil for men has a slightly heavier smell than the fruity Razoli shaving oil for women.

How to use Razoli Shaving Oil?

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