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A passion for raw food + mindful living + stress-free JOY = burning off fat

Let’s get straight to the point: healthy weight loss has nothing to do with diets, but with altering your mindset and lifestyle. Healthy living is no chore, it’s fun! Develop a passion for healthy eating and living. Eating less leads to hunger pangs. So let’s eat more … of the right food: raw, organic ingredients, fewer carbohydrates and more “good” fats.

And … combine this with enough exercise. You don’t need the gym for this: just go outside! Go walking, regularly breathe in woodland or sea air, take the bike, make love, relax and enjoy. Because something else particularly fattening is stress. This causes sudden insulin spikes, meaning you get hungry more often and your body will store more fat.

We have 6 tips for you for healthy weight loss, with a happy smile

1. Anima Mundi Fat Belly

If your body takes in too much of a harmful substance such as saturated (trans)fat, it gets more and more difficult for your gallbladder and liver to digest it. In that case, a powerful cleansing tonic with turmeric and garcinia cambogia, among other things, is very welcome for burning abdominal fat more quickly.

2. Anima Mundi Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee beans are natural, unroasted coffee beans which still contain all the naturally present antioxidants and chlorogenic acid. An 'anti-ageing' pick-me-up that boosts our metabolism and fat burning.

3. Turn breakfast into your favourite meal of the day with 7AM breakfast boxes


7AM is, amongst others, an organic, raw, vegan and gluten-free breakfast, prepared and packed into breakfast boxes on our own premises. 7am helps turn breakfast into your favourite meal of the day! All ingredients you need for eating well and living healthily are found in this breakfast. In short, this is the perfect start to your day!

4. Book: “Healthy Food, Happy People” by Chantal Voets

Chantal Voets is a passionate, pure-blooded foodie. The insight she has acquired on her many voyages of discovery of world cuisine, have been brought together in a cookbook. You can feel the passion and desire to join in being healthy, and get an APPETITE for healthy cooking.

5. Kotobuki matcha tea

You know matcha as the bright green tea, super healthy due to the high antioxidant and chlorophyll content. A powerful detox agent, which naturally rids the body of impurities. Matcha also contains the active ingredient EGCG, which boosts metabolism and makes the body burn fat more quickly.

6. Herbs and spices which help with weight loss

A few examples of herbs and spices which aid digestion and fat burning and/or detox the body: cumin seeds, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, ginger, oregano, turmeric, mustard seeds, cloves, paprika, parsley, fennel seeds and mint.