meisje met koffer

Do you also pack way more than you end up using or wearing when you leave on summer vacation? Because – weather permitting – you spend more time in the water than on land anyways?
This time, why not try to pack half the amount of clothing you planned on taking and using the extra luggage space to bring along a few of the holiday essentials mentioned below. Anyone - whether you are a city hopper, globe trotter or beach lover – will gladly use these holiday essentials.

potje kokosolie

1 jar of extra virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil is an absolute necessity during your summer vacation. It is a super healthy fat for campers to use when cooking and – as you probably already know – it is also an amazingly nourishing body lotion to use after sunbathing. In addition, half a teaspoon coconut oil works perfectly as an antibacterial mouthwash. So don’t forget to put that small 100ml container of extra virgin coconut oil in your suitcase or handbag.

ladrome muggenroller

Organic bug and mosquito repellent

To fully enjoy summer evenings, you want to keep bugs and mosquitos as far away from you as possible. Using an efficient mosquito repellent, such as LaDrôme’s roll-on is the way to go. The organic eucalyptus oil and citronella in this roll-on repellent keeps the bugs off you without harming your skin. Very easy to use and with a delicious citrus scent to keep you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

razoli scheerolie

Shaving oil for a well-groomed bikini line

How does a well-groomed bikini line without razor burn or itching sound? The essential oils in Razoli shaving oil for women are specifically tailored to the needs of women. Shaving with Razoli shaving oil feels better, is easier and gives smoother, long-lasting results. The big advantage with this shaving oil is that you can see where you are shaving, making Razoli perfect when shaving down below. It is better than a Brazilian wax. Also available for men.

dr bronner hygienespray

Hand and toilet seat sanitizer

If you think you’ll often be using public restrooms during your holidays, it would be a good idea to take along a small bottle of Dr. Bronner’s sanitizer spray. This is not only useful to regularly disinfect your hands, but also to freshen up the toilet seat. Small in size, with the scent of essential lavender oil. And keep in mind, germs are everywhere, not just abroad. A hand and toilet seat sanitizer can come in handy anywhere.

lezen op strand eet goed dat doet je goed

Stimulating reading material for on the beach

Do you already have a small pile of holiday reading material set aside? Don’t forget to bring your copy of Healthy Food, Happy People. It is always good to switch between fiction and non-fiction, and this book has a ton of interesting information on healthy fats, the advantages of green tea, the importance of healthy sweeteners and so on. Contains all the knowledge Chantal Voets gathered on macrobiotics, Ayurveda, food combinations and other trends in nutrition over the past 10 years. A must-read for every serious foodie, with more than 100 recipes.


Suntan lotion without parabens or synthetic perfume

Get a nice tan with the help of organic, healthy sunscreens and avoid all suntan products with synthetic fragrances and parabens. It is often these substances that cause allergic reactions. Sun lotions with natural ingredients, like aloe vera, calendula and beeswax are much better for you skin. Green People suntan lotions offer UVB & UVA protection, are water-repellent, moisturizing and ideal for all skin types.

tabitha james kraan droogshampoo

Practical, 100% natural dry shampoo

Do you plan on backpacking this summer? Or are you still waiting to hear about your bathroom facilities? No need to worry when you’ve packed yourself a bottle of Tabitha James Kraan’s dry shampoo. Tabitha James Kraan developed two natural dry shampoos, one for blondes and one for brunettes. They are ‘natural’ in every sense of the word, containing tapioca, rice, chickpea flour and essential oils instead of chemical ingredients. They come in a practical travel size and are also good for freshening up your hair from time to time during beach vacations.


Healthy energy boost for during the drive or flight

To avoid arriving completely exhausted at your destination, it is highly recommended that you eat healthy food during your travels. Mix 2 level tablespoons of any Amanprana energy drink with 500ml water or grain-based milk and enjoy a delicious energy drink during your travels. This way you won’t experience any exhausting sugar dips or highs. These drink mixes can also be used as sweeteners in travel snacks, such as raw chocolate truffles.

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