gember en kurkuma wortels en poeder op tafel met glaasjes gembershot

Ginger shots are popular in the wellness world today. These healthy drinks made from concentrated ginger juice help boost your immune system and arm you against winter sickness. People have been drinking ginger elixirs for centuries for their beneficial effects. Why are ginger shots so valued now, and why should you drink them? Find out here.

What are ginger shots?

Ginger root with grated ginger on wooden spoon

A ginger shot is a small glass of pure, concentrated ginger juice. Ginger juice is made by pressing or juicing fresh ginger root. Turmeric, cayenne pepper, lemon juice or orange juice and honey are sometimes added, as well. In some recipes, the ginger is grated or cut into small pieces and then water, lemon or orange juice is added.

Ginger root has a very spicy taste. It's also very concentrated. So it's best to drink it in a few quick sips because it's so spicy. The taste takes some getting used to at first. Make sure to keep a glass of water handy to soothe your mouth after your ginger shot.

A ginger shot is guaranteed to give you a kick. Just like a shot of alcohol, but healthier, of course. And you have to admit, throwing back a shot looks pretty cool, too.

Ginger juice is a wellness shot

Ginger has been appreciated for centuries for its many health benefits. It contains a range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Ginger supports digestion and stimulates the immune system. Try a ginger shot if you start sneezing or coughing.

Looking to give your body that little something extra with a healthy drink? Then drink a 3 cl ginger shot every day. That's already enough for your daily wellness shot.

Ginger shot too spicy? Try a turmeric shot!

A ginger shot is pretty spicy. Looking for something a bit milder? Then try a turmeric shot. Turmeric is also praised for its health benefits and it tastes slightly smoother and less spicy than ginger. Many turmeric shots also contain a lot of ginger. The kick stays, but it's a little softer.

Juicing turmeric root yourself to make a turmeric shot isn't the best idea. The yellow root causes bright yellow stains that are difficult to get out of clothes or kitchen appliances. Ready-made turmeric shots are a better bet.

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When to drink a ginger shot or turmeric shot?

In the morning or in the afternoon as a power boost

glass of ginger turmeric shot turmeric powder

Ginger and turmeric shots are a real power boost for anyone in need of a kick-start. It's like a strong espresso, but much better for your body than coffee. It'll really wake you up. A lot of people start their day with a ginger shot. But a ginger shot or turmeric shot is also the perfect drink to chase away your afternoon dip. Or combine them: ginger in the morning and a turmeric shot in the afternoon.

At dinner, in your mocktail

Besides the fact that ginger is good for your health, it is also a popular seasoning in the kitchen. So you can use a ginger shot in the kitchen too. Keep a bottle of ready-made ginger juice in your fridge!

* Get creative and add a dash of ginger or turmeric shot to your tea or favourite drink.
* Make a refreshing ginger lemonade by diluting some ginger shot with mineral or sparkling water.
* Use the ginger or turmeric shots as a mixer in your smoothie.
* It's also perfect for adding a spicy edge to your mocktail or cocktail. Or take your freshly squeezed fruit juice to the next level. Ginger and orange or turmeric and orange pair well together.
* Finally, ginger and turmeric shots are handy for quickly adding a spicy touch to your fresh soup. Try it!

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