Never had seitan on the BBQ? You should try it! It can’t even be compared to other meat substitutes.

A lot of ready-to-eat meat substitutes aren’t great on the grill. The texture changes and that delicious BBQ flavour just doesn’t taste right. This is not the case with seitan.

Seitan blocs don’t fall apart when you use them to make a meat skewer and they absorb all the flavours of the herbs or your spicy marinade really well. Whilst grilling, your seitan will even change its colour to a ‘meat colour’.

We believe seitan is the best alternative to meat or fish on the BBQ.


The Classical Meat Skewer

A seitan bloc of 550gr or 1 kilo can easily be cut into smaller pieces. Slide pieces of onion, bell pepper and seitan in an alternating order onto the skewer.

Soak the skewers in your favourite marinade. Leave the skewers to marinade for at least 5 minutes.

Remember to leave the sticks (skewers) in water for a couple of minutes first, so they don’t burn on the BBQ or have any splinters.


Foil-Wrapped Seitan Tops

Another BBQ classic is foil-wrapped fish.

Surprise your (vegetarian) friends with a foil-wrapped dish of Gula Java Chili Tops and thinly sliced onion and chicory.

Or perhaps go for a more oriental flavour with the Teriyaki Tops. To complete the dish add bok choy and baby corn.

Both delicious when paired with a cold rice salad or as a surprising side dish.

Success guaranteed.


Burgers made of Seitan Vegan Mince

Mix your favourite BBQ spices with crumbled seitan vegan mince into delicious hamburgers! Add other ingredients to flavour it to your preference. What do you think of chives? Or a finely chopped shallot? Or maybe a chili pepper?

With a pinch of Khoisan Fleur de Sel and Orac Botanico-mix Spicy you are well on your way to making a delicious, home-made vegetarian burger.

Yes, it really can be that simple.



Extra Tips for a Successful BBQ


Get Your Cook Books Out

A great BBQ is so much more than just a grill and some raw vegetables. You need some side dishes!

Do you already have your copy of ‘Healthy Food, Happy People’? Have a look at page 113. The skewer with tempeh and sweet potatoes with Verde Salud and Orac Spicy are mouth-wateringly delicious.


Consider Serving Fruitwater Next to Those Cool Beers

A richly filled table always adds to the evening’s vibe.

Decorate your summer table with Soulbottles and infusers bottles filled with fruit water. This is also a beautiful and refreshing alternative for your friends and family members who are the D.D. for the evening.


Never Forget About That Sweet, Sweet Desert

After an evening of savoury food, something sweeter is always welcome. Those who want to serve something different than an ice cream sundae may be interested in a delicious fruit salad with a little Gula Java Mix sprinkled across…

Our favourites for such deserts are Gula Java Matcha for green tea lovers, Gula Java Safran for those who love grandma’s rice pudding, or Gula Java Cacao for those who just have to finish off the evening with a little bit of chocolate. These flavours don’t disappoint!

Bon Appetit & Enjoy!