Discover the favourite products of Chantal, founder of Amanvida and HR manager.

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For Me, Shangri-la is Pure Indulgence

[product sku="AMAN/SHANG"]

I love the enticing, spicy, natural fragrance of Shangri-la. And the fact that each drop is made out of 100% active ingredients gives me an immediate good feeling when I use it. No junk, just pure nourishment for my skin. This is how I think it should be for all body care products.

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More Than Just Home Textiles

[product sku="TEIXIDORS/Nebulaplaid"]

With Amanvida we also want to support social projects. A wonderful example is the weaving mill Teixidors in Spain. The weavers, who are people with learning disabilities, are trained and educated for several years before they master the weaving process. The end-result is gorgeous. They make beautiful pieces.

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Fantastic Product to Touch-Up Your Hair

[product sku="TJK/DSD"]

When I was at boarding school, I used dry shampoo to touch-up my hair, but this wasn’t ideal. The shampoo didn’t smell good, looked like chalk and was much too white for my dark hair. But this was the only thing I could do because we never really had the opportunity to wash our hair during the week. After this, I never used dry shampoo again, until I tried this one from Tabitha James Kraan. I’m totally sold! If you’re having a bad hair day, then Tabitha gives you back your volume and a fresh fragrance!

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My Favourite Face Scrub

[product sku="GP/N012"]

I’ve been a fan of Green People for years. Even more so since we visited Green People two years ago. I think the products for mature skin are fantastic, especially this face scrub. It has a very soft structure so it doesn’t feel harsh on the skin. It feels wonderful on my face.

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Perfect for On-The-Go

[product sku="Qwetch/QT5020"]

Those who’ve read my book already know that I am a huge fan of tea. A delicious cup of tea can always cheer me up. With this infuser bottle I can always enjoy a cup on-the-go. I make my herbal tea in this bottle every day. Stays warm and is super handy for teas with loose leafs or spices. It’s also brilliant to see how the tea leafs unfold themselves. And this fits perfectly into a zero waste mind-set and a no plastic lifestyle.

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Used for Yeaaars & Still Top-Notch

[product sku="Citruspers/DesignCitrusJuicerAdvanced"]

One of my most used kitchen machines. This citrus press is used every morning in our kitchen – my day doesn’t start without a freshly squeezed juice. I think this machine is super handy, fast and easy to clean… I really couldn’t go without. It’s fantastic and top quality. We’ve been using our citrus press for years.

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