Discover the organic soap brands, Werfzeep and Dr. Bronner

Handmade soaps which are soft and nourishing for your skin, thanks to natural ingredients. No artificial ingredients, no chemicals! We use only vegetable and essential oils (for the fragrance). Beautiful soap, suitable for everyone and for every mood.

Werfzeep: handmade, using ingredients from our own woods and garden

On a trip through Canada in 2009, Evelien and Laurens ended up on an idyllic family farm producing handmade soap. Evelien was soon making soap alongside them. Until then, Evelien had to avoid soap, having suffered with eczema from an early age. However, this handmade soap turned out to be soft and caring on her skin. She was eager to develop her own organic soaps, and so started out in one of the historic wharf cellars on the Oudegracht in Utrecht. Now, 10 years later, she works with a fantastic team in the beautiful soap studio on the Westerkade.

For their ingredients, Werfzeep works together with organic growers and they pick some plants themselves in the Wickenburgh Woods. There, the soap team also tends their own herb garden for soap, where they harvest several ingredients that have been growing there for centuries. Werfzeep produces handmade organic shower and hair soap full of nourishing oils and naturally occurring glycerin. All soap is free from artificial additives, plastic, palm oil and animal fat, and of course is not tested on animals. All their soap is vegan, except for the honey in honey soap and shampoo. This comes from their regular beekeeper: the organic beekeeping company Het Honingmagazijn.

  • Werfzeep Woodland soap, 100g

    € 6.45

    ✔ Fresh soap full of pine and spruce
    ✔ Also as shampoo for short hair
    ✔ Werfzeep bestseller
    ✔ Ecologically packed
    ✔ Organic, vegetable and palm oil free

Dr. Bronner: For years, America's N° 1, with olive oil, coconut oil, ... and essential oils in their soap

Did you know that Dr. Bronner has more than 150 years’ experience making vegetable soap? The Bronner family started the “Dr. Bronner” brand in Germany in 1858, and in 1948 Emmanuel Bronner brought it to the USA. There he launched natural, multipurpose liquid soap, along with the message that we must look beyond one another's differences and take care of the planet. He called it All-One, as it still is on every Dr. Bronner product. The fifth generation of Bronner - his two grandsons - is currently at the helm.

Dr. Bronner uses only natural, organic ingredients and recycled bottles and paper packaging. Dr. Bronner products hydrate the skin without being greasy, and cleanse the skin effectively without being harsh. You can use Dr. Bronner soap, and especially the liquid soap, for different purposes. As shower gel, as general polish, as a detergent, as an organic pesticide ... everything is completely biodegradable! We use only vegetable and essential oils (for the fragrance), so that even the most sensitive skin types can choose Dr. Bronner.

  • Liquid soap, organic

    € 4.5

    ✔ With essential oils
    ✔ Outstanding water softening
    ✔ Super mild and pleasant soap
    ✔ Cleansing and dirt dissolving powers

Why use natural soap?

Soap made from oils is completely different from factory soap made from refined fatty acids, with additives such as foaming improvers, artificial perfume and preservatives, where the glycerine is even skimmed off. Rich ingredients make rich soap. Don't compromise on soap!

DIY with Martine Prenen: natural cleaning products

Want to give it a go yourself? In the video below, Martine Prenen shows how you can easily make some basic cleaning products yourself using ordinary, natural ingredients.