Done with sugar bombs like Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Ice Tea!

Soft drinks are - especially on summer days- fresh, sparkling and thirst-quenching. However, the fact that it tastes good is because of the sugar. The average carbonated lemonades, energy drinks and sports drinks mainly consist of water, to which a lot of sugar is added to flavour it. Apart from the fact that this is extremely bad for your teeth and your health, you can also get out of shape because of it! Do you want to endlessly enjoy cooling, responsible drinks? Discover 7 great alternatives, all organic and free from additives. Cheers!

RUSSIA COLA: black tea infusion with natural herbal extracts

Russia Cola is the new clever interpretation of a well-known taste. This sparkling soft drink is based on three classics from nature: the vitalizing power of (black) tea, the cleansing power of citrus fruits (lemon, sweet lime and bergamot) and the antioxidant effect of organic spices (cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger).

With a unique mix of natural herbal extracts, every bottle of Russia Cola boosts your body from the inside out. Only organic cane sugar is used as a sweetener in Russia Cola, which has a significantly lower amount than that of the - refined (!) - sugars that are found in other soft drinks.

CHAI BIRDS: biological energy drink with green tea

CHAI BIRDS, the organic rebel among the drinks brings strength, focus, drive and freshness! The mix of Japanese green tea, ginger, mint and lime, brewed with crystal clear Austrian spring water, creates an intense taste experience.

The fiery intensity of ginger, the regulating virtues of mint and the refreshing power of lime, together with the vitalising green tea, create a synergistic combination that sets body, mind and soul in motion!

KOKOVITA coconut water: 100% pure coconut juice

Kokovita is 100% pure coconut juice, which is directly drunk from a coconut. Unlike most types of coconut water, this coconut juice is raw and unpasteurised.

Coconuts are full of electrolytes: potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium. These substances are responsible for important processes in our bodies, such as muscles, nerves and the brain.

The present minerals and proteins contribute to a good pH balance of our blood and natural hydration. Coconut water is a perfect elixir for the body and mind.

PINEO: mineraalwater recht uit de bron

Pineo has a delicious, soft taste and has a history that goes back to the year 852 AD. Pineo recently won gold in the top category 'low mineral waters' (less than 250 mg) without added carbon dioxide, at the Fine Water Taste & Design Awards 2019, in Stockholm. The Pineo water comes from the depth of the Beneidó Mountain range in the Spanish Pyrenees - from the holy mountain, stretching 1500 metres in altitude, in the municipality of Estamariu. Pineo is ripe water; it comes to the surface of its own accord and is immediately bottled in glass bottles, retaining all qualities.

LUSCOMBE: classic lemonade without bubbles

With a sip of the classic, authentic lemonade from Luscombe, you imagine yourself as part of a traditional Italian family. The acidity of the Sicilian lemons is best served with other Mediterranean flavours.

Luscombe has been making organic drinks in Devon for over 25 years. To balance the taste of the organic lemons, Luscombe also adds vanilla extract and some raw cane sugar.

Soft drinks such as the lemonades of Luscombe are exclusive. They are only available in small quantities because they consist exclusively of natural ingredients.

Energy drinks from Amanprana

The coconut blossom sugar in the latest generation of sports and performance drinks ensures a low glycemic index and long-lasting energy. Amanprana sports and performance drinks are the perfect basis for natural hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic sports drinks and can also be used at any time of the day when you need to perform physically and mentally.

You can prepare the sports and performance drinks with milk, water, cereal drinks and fruit juices. Drink them warm, lukewarm or cold. They are available in the variants Cacao Matcha & Café, Cacao & Café Ethiopia and Matcha Kotobuki with coconut blossom sugar.


Ice tea based on green tea

INGREDIENTS for 1 glass:

Green tea
Sprig of mint
A few slices of cucumber
A few slices of lime


Let your organic green tea steep. Pour the tea in a glass along with the other ingredients and garnish with a sprig of mint.