The hair products from Tabitha James Kraan deserve a special place in each store. Not only are they 100% natural, but they are very progressive as well. The hair cleansers are the shampoos from the future, the conditioners can also be used to style your hair and we haven't even mentioned the extraordinary characteristics of the dry shampoos and the hair perfumes yet.

For us, Tabitha James Kraan stands for top quality. With TJK your hair is resilient and shiny and will smell fresh for a long time.

So how do her products accomplish all of this? Tabitha would like to tell you herself.

[caption id="attachment_1670" align="alignleft" width="298"]Tabitha James Kraan Tabitha, one of the founders of Tabitha James Kraan[/caption]

You started out as a hair stylist. Where did the decision to develop your own hair care products come from?
I wanted to extend my organic lifestyle to my work. And I wanted people to love their hair. It was clear for me after 30 years that hair is most beautiful when it is nurtured by nature. But I could not find the products I was looking for; Products which are both natural and organic and good for your hair. This is where Tabitha James Kraan came from. Our starting point is 100% natural, without compromise.

In your products there are indeed only natural ingredients that you would usually not expect in hair products. Nettles in the hair perfume, oat milk in the conditioner, soap bark in the cleanser. How did you get those ideas?
We rewrote the rules and we started again from the beginning. Each ingredient plays a role and improves the hair and / or scalp. It is just as important to pay attention to hair care as it is to face care and ensure that the ingredients we choose are not only good for the body, hair and skull, but that they are also not harmful to the environment and nature.

Hair is most beautiful when it is nurtured by nature. – Tabitha James Kraan

It doesn’t seem easy to rewrite the rules of hair products that have dominated the market for decades. How did you start?
My husband, Dennes, and I knew very well what we wanted to achieve. Our priorities lay and still lie with the result. To get great results, we wanted to exclusively use organic and natural ingredients. First, we needed to find the right lab for this and a team that could meet our requirements. Then we started the testing. We are still testing extensively on willing customers in our hair salon before we officially launch any new products.


Is the result you speak of as simple as “beautiful hair”?
This remains the goal of each hair product, of course, but it goes further for me. With my products I want to bring out the natural beauty, the true nature of hair and ensure that it stays healthy and beautiful for a long time. Our products repair and nourish. This is also why they are suitable for all hair types. Regardless of the hair type, they restore the moisture balance of the hair and regulate the sebum production of the scalp.

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The brand Tabitha James Kraan has already won several awards. Which award are you most proud of?
We are amazed ourselves by the number of awards we have received, and we are equally proud of all of these awards. In 2016 we won “Best Natural Beauty Product Europe” with our dry shampoo and we find this to be a pretty awesome achievement.

[caption id="attachment_1671" align="alignleft" width="250"]natural, organic dry shampoo by tabitha james kraan In 2016 we won “Best Natural Beauty Product Europe” with our dry shampoo.[/caption]

The awards are particularly encouraging. They make it clear that the world is ready for what we have been developing for many years. They say something about the market. The current consumers are intelligent and look for authenticity and truth in a messy world where there is a lot of confusion about natural cosmetics, because there is no clear regulation. That is why we have decided to be certified by the Soil Association, according to the new International Cosmos Organic Certification Scheme.


Do you attach a lot of importance to labels for your own organic lifestyle?
I think it is especially important to be a conscious consumer. For me, an organic lifestyle means looking beyond the labels and marketing. Considering how a product is made, where the ingredients come from, can say more than a label. That is why I sometimes prefer local products to organic products.


Your ‘cleansers’ are very innovative. Can you explain the difference between ‘shampoo’ and ‘cleanser’?
Each shampoo is a detergent - whether it is natural or not - and that means it is meant to degrease and remove any trace of oil from your hair. Your hair does not like this. Your scalp doesn’t either. One of the main causes of hair problems is that we strip the protective layer with shampoo. This is the layer that ensures we have strong, shiny and healthy locks. The natural balance of the sebum production is disrupted by this. Your scalp’s reaction? It will produce even more oil, to replace what was removed. A ‘cleanser’ cleans the oil but does not remove it. So, the sebum production stays balanced.

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Can you just make the switch from shampoo to cleanser?
Yes, this is not a problem. By using the cleanser, your natural sebum production will restore itself to balance, causing your hair to remain clean for longer periods of time. You will notice that you will need the hair cleanser less as well. Each new bottle will last you longer than the previous one.


[caption id="attachment_1672" align="alignright" width="250"]natural hair oil, organic hair oil, hair oil by tabitha james kraan Nicknamed "Youth Dew", this hair oil is exactly what you need in cold weather. It restores the natural shine in cold weather, to dry dull hair, and to hair that is regularly blow-dried. Your hair will not only look healthier, but be and feel healthier as well.[/caption]

If you could only recommend 1 product from Tabitha James Kraan, which product would you recommend?
Our hair oil. Because if you use this before washing, as a ‘pre-washing’ treatment, your hair will look completely different afterwards. Another favourite is the hair perfume. I use it daily as perfume because it is really 100% natural, something almost impossible to find for a perfume. And the golden citrus scent works aroma-therapeutically. It is an uplifting scent, it makes you happier. I never leave home without this perfume.


What can we expect from Tabitha James Kraan in the future? Are you developing something new?
Yes, there is a shampoo in the making. A shampoo with foam…

Hair doesn't need to be perfect. It does, however, have to be real. - Tabitha James Kraan

Meet Tabitha James Kraan

What do you love to do most on a Friday night?
I usually go horse riding to clear my head after the work week. My horses help me be mindful.
I am also a real foodie and love to cook and eat together with my friends and family. Food tastes better when your share it with the people you love.

Do prefer tea or coffee?
This is a difficult question. I think I love both equally. As a Brit, I of course love my English tea with milk. That feels familiar and always give me an energy boost in the afternoon.
But because I am married to a Dutch person, I have also learned to enjoy a strong cup of coffee. Always organic and Fair Trade, and no more than one cup per day. I can really enjoy it.

At the end of a bad day, what always cheers you up?
My kids and my pets (two horses, two pugs and a Labrador). I am a born nurturer and the since the arrival of our two sons, I seem to fill our lives with more animals to love and to care for. They always cheer me up.

Do you have a favourite song?
Yes, Wild Horses from The Rolling Stones. I got to know The Rolling Stones through my father. I think their music is fantastic and that song always makes me think about my father.

Which product from Tabitha James Kraan would you take with you to a deserted island?

The dry shampoo. It’s efficient, super easy to use and gives me the hair I want each day.

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What is your favourite product by Tabitha James Kraan?