Meat - Fish - Seitan.

These are the choices you will find on the menus of the future.

The flavour and the quality of the seitan will be just as important as that of any piece of meat or fish. Click and discover how authentic seitan is made.


Bertyn Seitan

The demand increases, the production remains authentic


Seitan - Bertyn - Speltmeel1/ Bertyn makes seitan from 2 ancient, organic grains:

Manitoba Wheat or Oberkülmer Rotkorn Spelt.

Every day, kilos of flour are poured into the kneading machine.


Seitan - Bertyn - seitandeeg


2/ The dough is made with water.

It takes two hours for the seitan maker to flush the carbohydrates out of the flour.



Seitan - Bertyn - elasticiteit van het deeg wordt getest3/ Only the most experienced hands can feel when all the carbohydrates have been removed and when the dough is elastic enough for the next step.

Therefore, the same person usually does this job every time.



Seitan - Bertyn - seitandeeg wordt verdeeld


4/ The dough is balled up by hand and distributed into stainless cooking moulds.

This is teamwork.



Bertyn seitandeeg koken5/ The cooking moulds then disappear into the large cooking kettle for about 2 hours. Wheat seitan is left in the kettle a little longer than spelt seitan.

The seitan is taken out when it has the desired sturdy texture.



Seitan - Bertyn - seitandeeg wordt afgekoeld


6/ After cooking the seitan, it is immediately cooled in large bins with streaming cold water.
Pathogens don’t stand a chance.

They stand even less chance a little later when the seitan is put in the pasteurizer.


Seitan - Bertyn - seitandeeg wordt ingepakt


7/ The dough is divided into its packaging. Delicious Japanese shoyu or tamari and other ingredients are added.

The shoyu (soy sauce) and tamari from Bertyn are also brewed according the ancient authentic recipes.



In the mood for a taste?

Taste the minced seitan in a vegetarian spaghetti bolognaise, enjoy a seitan steak with french fries, put seitan tops with rice and vegetables into a wrap, or cut up a seitan bloc to add to your favourite stir-fry recipe.

Seitan is as versatile as you are.