iemand snijdt een tomaat in schijfjes op een houten snijplank Qi-board

Do you know how many bacteria live on your chopping board? We want a cutting board to be hygienic. The right cutting board also ensures that your knife remains sharp and that your food can be cut optimally. Amanprana's Qi-board is made of camphor laurel wood, which naturally contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal essential oils and is also gentle on your knives. 

Camphor laurel: Australian wood is given a second life as a chopping board

Camphor laurel is not rainforest wood. It originates from Australia, where the colonists imported the tree as means to provide shade. But it grows much faster than the native Eucalyptus tree. In order to make the wooden cutting boards, camphor trees are now being felled in Australia, which actually hinder the growth of native trees. Felling the trees in order to make them into wooden cutting boards, as it were, promotes the preservation of the natural fauna and flora.

By manually transforming the trees into user-friendly, beautiful cutting boards, the trees get a second life and Amanprana brings nature closer to people. 

Qi-board: a superhygienic cutting board by nature

wooden cutting board with ginger and datesThe beauty of camphor laurel wood is that it naturally contains essential oils that are resistant to bacteria and fungi. The oils not only make the cutting boards more hygienic, but it also smells delicious! These cutting boards are even suitable for professional use (HACCP approved). 

In addition, each Qi-board is handmade in a small workshop from a single piece of wood. This means that no boards are compressed or glued, as is often the case with beech or bamboo cutting boards. The glue and other chemical substances used for this purpose can migrate into the wood and thus come into contact with your food. Because only one piece of wood is used per board, there are no joints where water can penetrate. It's more hygienic and it's also better for the life of your wooden cutting board. A Qi-board can be used intensively for up to 10 years, if you regularly give it a good maintenance. 

Scientific research* proves that cutting boards from camphor laurel are the most hygienic: 3 to 5 times less susceptible to fungi and bacteria. The smaller the number, the more hygienic the board.

*Research by Alan Waterson, Southern Cross-University, Lismore, Australia

No more dull knives with this wooden cutting board

Did you know that your kitchen knife can also become blunt (faster) depending on the surface on which you cut with it? Camphor laurel is the ideal cutting surface for kitchen knives. It is a soft wood and does not dull knives, but it is hard and robust enough to prevent the deep penetration of the knife. This means that your board will not wear out quickly and it is good for your knife. A win-win!

How to choose the right cutting board?

Qi-board houten snijplank met broodQi-boards are available in 7 different sizes, both rectangular and organic or natural shapes. Each board is beautiful with its own shape and a unique grain structure. Real eye-catchers. We use the Qi-boards ourselves as a decorative tray or as a beautiful bread or cheese board.

Consider in advance what you want to use your Qi-board for: as a chopping board (L or XL), decorative cheese board (M) or as a breadboard (S)?
Do you want your chopping board to always be on the sink or do you want it to be easy to store? In the latter case, it is best to check whether the size of the board also fits in your cupboard.
Or base your choice of cutting board size on the size of the knife you use most often: a chef's knife, potato knife, etc.... You can also measure the size of your current favourite cutting board and choose a Qi-board that matches it.

How to maintain a wooden cutting board?

Wood remains 'lively' and responds to moisture and temperature. 

- After use, simply rinse your Qi-board under cold water (do not use detergent).
- Dry the board and leave it to dry in an upright position.
- Do not leave your Qi-board in the water and do not put it in the dishwasher or microwave.

To keep the natural beauty and a nice patina of your Qi-board, you should treat your cutting board at least 4 times a year with the Protekti oil from Amanprana. This oil is 100% natural and antibacterial, cleans and cares for and lays a protective layer around the wood. The wood remains beautiful and you extend the life of the Qi-board with it. You can also maintain your wooden furniture and wooden floors with this oil.