Pure peanut butter with just a pinch of sea salt

ZEEMANSBOTER peanut butter originated on Katendrecht in Rotterdam, home to real, rough sailors. A place where ships loaded with peanuts moored from all over the world. Loads of peanuts still come ashore at Katendrecht. And three Rotterdam friends Kay, Marelle and Berend make pure peanut butter from the best organic peanuts.

Organic peanut butter made from peanuts from China

This 100% organic peanut butter is made from peanuts from China. The only addition is a pinch of sea salt for taste. Peanuts and a little bit of sea, that's all ... Pure and honest ZEEMANSBOTER. Full of good energy that you can use at full power. Inspired by the rough and adventurous sailor life.There are currently three types of ZEEMANSBOTER: one crunchy peanut butter with peanut pieces, one with chili pepper and one with raisins. If you don't like this, you just don't like peanuts.

Peanut butter - healthy spread

Peanut butter contains a lot of vitamin Bvitamin E and fiber. It is also very rich in fat, but especially the "healthy" unsaturated fatty acids. Sugar and / or extra fats (such as sunflower oil or palm fat) are added to many types of peanut butter. ZEEMANSBOTER is peanut butter without sugar and without added fats. As a result, the content of peanuts at ZEEMANSBOTER is no less than 99.8%!

Where does the name peanut butter come from?

In the 18th century, peanut butter was still a kind of block where slices, such as cheese, were cut. Gradually it became a softer, spreadable paste. In other countries, peanut butter is usually called peanut butter. In the Netherlands, however, only butter could be called that. In The Netherlands we continued to call it 'pindakaas' (peanut cheese) because it resembled liver cheese, a product that also contains no real cheese.