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Blue Bamboo Kids' Toothbrush


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✔ From ages 3 to 9
✔ Writing your name on them is great fun 
✔ Excellent grip 
✔ Can be easily composted

Children’s toothbrush with blue bristles - Nordics - 100% recyclable

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  • Kids' toothbrush with blue biodegradable bristles – from ages 3 to 9 - excellent grip
  • Children’s toothbrush with blue bristles - Nordics - 100% recyclable

Product Description

Blue Kids' Toothbrush by Nordics - Great for Boys or Girls

  • Comes in eco-friendly packaging
  • Made from sustainable, hygienic and natural materials
  • Bristles made of biodegradable nylon

Nordics toothbrushes have soft bristles and a small head, in accordance with the recommendations of most dentists.

Why is it important to use a toothbrush with soft bristles?

Dentists around the world generally recommend that a soft toothbrush be used, as people are inclined to brush their teeth far too hard. Hard bristles also damage your gums, which means that little cuts could lead to major infections. A soft toothbrush limits the damage, while you clean your teeth just as well.

Just as important as the right choice when it comes to the bristle hardness is when to replace your toothbrush.

Why should you replace your toothbrush in good time?

  • After some time the bristles start to break off, which means they cannot reach the entire surface of a tooth.
  • When a toothbrush is not properly kept, fungi and bacteria could grow between the bristles.
  • If you have had a cold, the flu or a throat infection, it is important to replace your toothbrush so that any remaining germs cannot cause a relapse.

How hygienic are Nordics bamboo toothbrushes?

Nordics settled on bamboo for its toothbrushes in order to prevent the growth of germs. The Moso bamboo handle for Nordics toothbrushes is perfectly safe for use. When subjected to high temperatures the naturally-appearing bacteria and enzymes are killed, after which the bamboo is rendered water resistant using a carbonisation process. That means new bacteria and fungi cannot attach themselves to it, while bamboo is also an anti-allergic material.

The bristles of the Nordics toothbrush are made from recycled biodegradable nylon and are pointed for the maximum cleaning effect. The toothbrush bristles are smaller at the top than at the bottom so that they can easily reach between the teeth and grooves.

Sufficient space has been left between the bristles so that the toothbrush dries quickly.

The black Nordics bamboo toothbrush is treated with Binchōtan charcoal, which whitens your teeth. Charcoal binds to dirt and poisons, reducing discolouration.

The Nordics bamboo toothbrush is delivered in an eco-friendly package that is made of recycled paper. The Nordics toothbrush is 100% biodegradable.

Nordics recommends that you replace your toothbrush every two months, and also that you buy a new (Nordics) toothbrush after being sick.

Bamboo & Nordics toothbrushes

Nordics opted for Moso bamboo when designing its collection of recyclable toothbrushes, and it was an easy choice:

  • Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants on earth. It absorbs more CO2 than is emitted during production and is one of the fastest-growing plants or grasses there is. There is no chance of deforestation or over-logging when harvesting bamboo, as it regenerates so fast. 

    Moso bamboo is known as an inexhaustible natural material that grows a meter a day on average.
  • Bamboo has an extraordinary fibrous structure that combines unmatched flexibility with strength.

    Moso bamboo is well-known as being the best type of bamboo available, and it combines extraordinary hardness/strength with natural softness and beauty. 
  • The bamboo used in Nordics products is not consumed by pandas.

    Moso bamboo is inedible for pandas. By selecting this type of bamboo Nordics is not endangering pandas.

Additional Information

SKU Nordics/KIDSBambooToothbrushBlueBristles
Brand Nordics
Content 0.010
Free Shipping No
Gluten free Yes
Fair trade No
Raw No
Vegan Yes
Ingredients No

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