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Soulbottles - Non-plastic reusable water bottles


Soulbottles: The world's cleanest drinking bottle

Soulbottles, reusable glass bottles with a story, made in Germany and free of all harmful elements
These bottles were born out of a desire to make people more aware of how the use of plastic articles pollutes the planet. Soulbottles uses its bottles to provide attractive and accessible alternatives to plastic bottles. Soulbottles are strong, environmentally friendly and reusable.
Soulbottles also aims to encourage people through its contemporary designs to aid in the quest for solutions when it comes to avoiding plastic. We must take action.

€ 1 per Soulbottle sold goes to the Viva con Agua clean water projects.

  • every year 35,000,000,000 plastic bottles end up in our oceans and dumping grounds
  • only 1 in 10 plastic bottles in the world are recycled
  • it takes 450 years for a PET bottle to degrade naturally
  • sea animals eat plastic and plastic parts instead of the food they should, causing them to become malnourished, starve and die
  • 3 litres of water are used to make one plastic bottle, and the oil the industry uses annually is equivalent to the amount that would power 1 million cars for an entire year
  • glass can be wholly recycled: 20% of your Soulbottle was once a gherkin jar, a whisky bottle or something else

Soulbottles uses the design of the Vienna-based designer, Talia Radford. The drawings printed on the bottles are by a range of artists, and the bottles are manufactured in a glass factory in the Thuringian Forest, after which they are shipped to the printer where the attractive designs and texts are printed.

The ceramic caps are made in southern Germany by a company with over 115 years of experience in ceramics, giving the contemporary Soulbottles a classic and traditional touch.

The Soulbottles are put together and sold at the head office in Berlin.

Why choose Soulbottles?

  • Soulbottles are better for you, better for the environment and better for your budget
    When you buy a Soulbottle you immediately make a contribution to a healthier, less polluted world and you also save money: the price of a Soulbottle is about the same as the price of bottled water for 2.5 weeks.

  • Soulbottles are made in Germany
    The idea of producing a product on home soil often sounds like a mere pipe dream. But the founders of Soulbottles wondered why that should be the case and, especially when you are creating a classic product, it should be feasible to do so at home. When it comes to the manufacture of the glass bottles, the makers of Soulbottles rely on their own German raw materials – with the exception of the natural rubber – and they utilise their own glass production experience. There are many areas in Germany where there is a strong tradition of glasswork, and by keeping manufacturing at home, Soulbottles also intends to avoid unnecessary polluting transport. And this is despite the fact that production in the Far East would be a great deal cheaper.

  • Soulbottles contributes to a good cause
    For every Soulbottle sold, one euro is donated to the Hamburg NGO Viva con Agua, an organisation that focuses on a wide range of potable water projects in poor nations. The Soulbottles donations go to Nepal and today 40,000 people have access to pure water, healthcare and education.

  • Soulbottles can be personalised
    You can buy a range of sealing rings and change the colour whenever you please.

Why use glass?

  • Glass is inert so it does not seep into the contents
    Soulbottles says: ‘glass is faithful’, by which they mean that glass stays glass. It remains neutral and does not absorb or release any taste. Use your Soulbottle for smoothies, iced tea, iced coffee or soup. When you wash it with our bottle brush no leftover taste will remain when you refill it with water.

  • Glass is transparent, it holds no secrets
    Even if you have used your Soulbottle for a smoothie or soup, no worries! While cleaning the glass bottle you can easily see where any leftover bits are clinging to the inside of the bottle.

  • Glass is completely recyclable and does not harm the planet
    Glass rises like a phoenix from the ashes: it is 100% recyclable and won’t become degraded, whether it was a gherkin jar or a whisky bottle in its previous incarnation. Moreover, when glass is recycled no poisonous substances are released into the soil, the rivers or our bodies.

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