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‘Just Breathe’ – a Soulbottle for lotus flower and yoga lovers

Soulbottles Just Breathe glass bottle 0,6 l

Voorkant Soulbottle

Soulbottles Heimat Wasser glass bottle 0,6 l

Fill Your Life With Soul glass bottle 0,6 l


Designed by the founder of Soulbottles, Georg Tarne,
whose philosophy is: ‘Live with all your heart and soul. If something scares you,
then it is surely worthwhile. You don’t have to be strong, you just have to live’.

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Fill Your Life with Soul – a Soulbottle for the person who loves daily inspiration

George Tarne, the founder of Soulbottles, personally designed this bottle. His philosophy is: ‘Live with all your heart and soul. You don’t have to be strong, you just have to live. And know that if something scares you, then it is surely worthwhile. Go for it.’

‘Fill Your Life With Soul’ is the underlying principle of this bottle, but it bears other inspiring sayings too. How about:

‘Unwrap the gift of life. Even when the packaging sucks.’ ● ‘Ask yourself: “What do I want to look back to on my deathbed?” Dare to let the answer change you.’ ● ‘Working solely for the money is an empty pleasure.’

And fans of facial hair will likewise be pleased. A great proverb:

‘There is no good and bad. Life is ambivalent. (Except for beards. Beards are good.)’

The ‘Fill Your Life With Soul’ Soulbottle is, just like all other Soulbottles (except for the Flower of Life) dishwasher-safe. The inspirational sayings will stay fast for around 500 washes. Of course, it is better to wash your bottle by hand. A little warm water and dishwashing liquid is all you need for cleaning the bottle and ensuring it will give you pleasure for even longer.

Glass - bottle
Ceramic – cap
Stainless steel – flip-top closure
Natural rubber – sealing ring

Dimensions: 26 x 7.5
Content: 0.6 L
Weight of empty bottle: 0.470 g

The bottle is dishwasher-safe but you can also clean it using the Soulbrush, a bottle brush containing agave fibre that is custom-made for Soulbottles.

This Soulbottle has a black sealing ring and a ceramic cap. If you’d like a different colour sealing ring in order to personalise your bottle, you can purchase two sets of three rings: white, black and blue or pink, purple and red.

Every Soulbottle has its own story and suits a different soulmate, a different personality. Discover our range of glass bottles below.

Flower of Life
You're right
Just Breathe

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SKU SB2G06-02/FYLWithSoul
Price €24.95
EAN 4260364830026
Weight 0.4700
Magazijn ID 2507
Case per 1
Brand Soulbottles
Content 0,6 l
Gluten free Yes
Fairtrade No
Raw No
Vegan Yes
Best Before N/A

How strong is my Soulbottle?
Soulbottles are made of glass and glass is not indestructible. But while glass can of course break, Soulbottles can easily withstand a few knocks. When used normally or when you drop the bottle on a wooden or carpeted floor, it shouldn’t break.

Can my Soulbottle take fizzy drinks?
Yes, you can place fizzy or carbonated drinks in your Soulbottles. The bottle can withstand a pressure of up to 3 bars, which is a greater pressure than in a car tyre.

Can I use my Soulbottle for hot drinks such as tea or coffee?
No, we do not recommend this. Only use your Soulbottle for drinks that are at room temperature, such as water, smoothies, iced tea and iced coffee or cold soup. This is because when there is an excessive temperature difference between the glass and the bottle’s contents, the glass can crack.

The temperature difference between the glass and the liquid must not exceed 42 °C in the Soulbottle. At room temperature, you could quite easily add liquids of up to 60 °C to your Soulbottle, but if the bottle itself is heated to 60 °C then it can easily take boiling liquid. However, if the temperature difference is too great, then the glass could crack. If you’re looking for a container for hot drinks, we have the stainless steel Thermos made by A Slice of Green and Amanprana’s glass Eco Respekt bottles. The Eco Respekt bottle is made of thicker glass so it can also be used for hot drinks.

Can my Soulbottle go in the dishwasher?
All Soulbottles – except for the bottles that have been printed in gold (such as Flower of Life) – are dishwasher-safe. The colours are guaranteed to stay fast for up to 500 washes, but we do recommend that you remove the cap and the rubber sealer before placing your Soulbottle in the dishwasher.

But why don’t you wash the bottle by hand? A little warm water and dishwashing liquid is all you need for cleaning glass, and if the dirt is stubborn, you can use our custom, non-plastic vegan brush.

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