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Hari Tea Golden Chai - In Harmony - bio zwarte thee met chai kruiden & kurkuma

Hari Tea Golden Chai – In Harmony, organic

Buddha Box, organic

Hari Tea

✔ Sampling box
✔ Ideal gift for tea lovers
✔ 11 different tea flavours
✔ Teabags from organic cotton

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Buddha Box, Sampling Box with 11 Different Hari Tea Tastes

Hari Tea is a welness tea, to give you a moment of pleasure at any time of the day.

There are 11 Hari Tea flavours, carefully compsosed based on the effects of the herbs and spices. Each Hari Tea, as a result, has a unqiue flavour and a specific influence on the body, mind and soul. 

The Bhudda Box is a sampling box or a unique and wonderful gift idea. It contains 11 kinds of Hari Tea and is the ideal gift for any tealovers. Or perhaps for those who are looking to explore the Hari Tea assortment. Each type of tea is packaged differently and accompanied by a small information card with interesting facts about that specific Hari Tea. 

As you will see in the Bhudda Box, Hari Tea teabags are made from organic cotton. These teabags are also slightly larger than regular teabags, allowing the spices and herbs the space to release their flavour. The string of the teabag is also made organic cotton. 

Are you looking for a specific Hari Tea? Amanvida offers you the following flavours:

Mindscape contains ginger and lemon, to refresh the mind
Sweetheart  relaxes and gives you peace of mind, thanks to the Lindenflower and Chamomille
Tummy in Harmony prevents flatulence or a bloated feeling
Golden Chai has the classic chai tea taste and a golden colour due to the turmeric

Shoti Maa also has a wonderful sampling box, the Magic Box, with 12 different teas. It is also ideal as a gift of tea lovers or simply to pamper yourself with moments of rest and peace.

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SKU HT/BuddhaBox3012
Price €4.99
EAN 8717853491337
Weight 0.0200
Magazijn ID 2490
Case per 6
Brand Hari Tea
Content 20g
Gluten free Yes
Fairtrade Yes
Raw No
Vegan Yes

Hari Tea is herbal tea. Herbal tea is should be made with boiling water and needs to soak for longer than white, green or black tea. 

Boil water. Soak the teabags for 5 to 6 minutes, or longer if you prefer. 

1 Hari Tea bag is sufficient for 2 cups.


Contents: 11 x 2g (1 Hari Tea teabag is sufficient for 2 cups)

Mindscape: Ginger & Lemon:

Ingredients: Ginger* (39%), lemon grass* (15%), turmeric root*, cardamom*, peppermint*, sage*, black pepper*, lemon myrtle*, lemon peel*, lemon juice*, rose petals*. * = organic and dried
Persistence of Memory: Sencha Green Tea & Flowers:
Ingredients: Sencha green tea * (64%), linden flowers* (8%), lemon grass*, elderflower* (3%), basil*, rose petals*, turmeric root*, black pepper*. * = organic and dried
Inner Connection: Thyme & Rooibos:
Ingredients: Rooibos* (52%), thyme*, lemon grass*, honeybush*, cardamom*, peppermint*, cinnamon*, turmeric root*, black pepper*, lemon myrtle*, lemon juice*, orange peel*, rose petals*. * = organic and dried 

Sweetheart: Linden Flower & Chamomille:

Ingredients: Linden flowers* (52%), chamomile* (26%), ginger*, sage*, turmeric root*, black pepper*, rose petals*. * = organic and dried


Within & Without: Jamsine Green Tea & Ginger:

Ingredients: Jasmine green tea* (42%), ginger* (21%), lemon grass*, turmeric root*, peppermint*, black pepper*, lemon peel*, rose petals*. * = organic and dried


Face the Moment: Rose & Hibiscus:

Ingredients: Rose hips*, apple*, fennel*, hibiscus* (17%), beetroot*, blackberry leaf*, rose petals* (3%), juniper berry*, natural flavour, black pepper*, white pepper*, bay leaf*, lavender flowers*, turmeric root*, ginger*. * = organic and dried


New Sensation: Hibiscus & Mint:

Ingredients: Hibiscus* (21%), fennel*, rose hips*, spearmint* (7%), peppermint* (7%), cinnamon*, green rooibush*, apple*, roasted chicory*, blackberry leaf*, black pepper*, ginseng*, coconut*, turmeric root*, rose petals*. * = organic and dried


Life in Balance: Black Tea & Chai Spices:

Ingredients: Black tea* (30%), honeybush*, cinnamon*, ginger*, cardamom*, black pepper*, orange peel*, cloves*, turmeric root*, rose petals*. * = organic and dried


Mystery of Desire: Choco & Chilli:

Ingredients: Cocoa shells* (54%), anise*, blackberry leaf*, cornflower*, ginger*, hibiscus*, cinnamon*, turmeric root*, black pepper*, coconut*, lavender flowers*, chilli pepper* (1%), vanilla* (1%), natural flavour, rose petals*. * = organic and dried


Tummy in Harmong: Honeybush & Rosemary:

Ingredients: Cinnamon* (15%), honeybush* (15%), rosemary*, fennel*, coriander*, ginger*, anise*, cardamom*, black pepper*, blackberry leaf*, star anise*, lemon grass*, jasmine green tea* (2%), turmeric root*, rose petals*, cloves*, bay leaf*. * = organic and dried


Inner Flow: Green tea, Mint & Chilli:

Ingredients: Sencha green tea * (44%), peppermint* (42%), spearmint*, blackberry leaf*, orange extract*, turmeric root*, black pepper*, rose petals*, chilli pepper*. * = organic and dried
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