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Latte Ayurveda Amanprana 170g, organic

Latte Ayurveda Amanprana 170g, organic

Cacao & Café Ethiopia 230g, organic

Cacao & Café Ethiopia 230g, organic

Cacao Matcha & Café 230g, organic


✔ For sports, work, studying and performing 
✔ Energy drink and sports drink
✔ Enriched with Guarana for extra wings 
✔ Matcha for concentration 
✔ Ethiopian coffee boost

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Cacao Matcha & Café: The healthy sports beverage that also charges up your battery for work and studying

When you work out hard, you have to get plenty to drink After working out, you can best have an energy drink, to recover more quickly. But even while working or studying, you sometimes need an extra boost. We automatically go for the typical energy or sports beverages, but you can also choose a natural method.

The Cacao Matcha & Café performance beverage is built around cacao. Scientific research proves that cacao beverages immediately provide energy. And because it contains proteins, you can recover quickly. Michael Phelps, the popular swimmer who won a total of 13 Olympic medals, swears by cacao as his favorite sports beverage! Perhaps you will soon be swearing by Cacao Matcha & Café?

The Cacao Matcha & Café is, incidentally, much more than cacao. This healthy beverage is enriched with Guarana, which has been giving energy to the native Brazilian Amazonions for ages. There is also a dash of Ethiopian coffee in it, and Matcha, the green powder based on ground green tea leaves, for supreme concentration. All these ingredients together also ensure a surprising, soft flavor sensation. You taste the Matcha and cacao as one delicious, mild flavor, with a light touch of coffee in the background!

It's already clear: this unique performance beverage is not only for athletes. The Cacao Matcha & Café is also a terrific beverage for any time of the day when you have to perform and could use a boost! For the afternoon slump at work, for example. Or while studying and during exams. In short, when you want to stay awake and alert. Drink a cup of delicious Cacao Matcha & Café, and you get instant energy that lasts for a long time due to the low glycemic index.

Do you want a beverage with more coffee flavor? Then try the Cacao & Café Ethiopia.

Hypotone, isotone or hypertone sports drink

Which beverage should you drink while working out, and when? For optimal hydration, performance and recuperation, you are best of drinking something before, during and after working out. If you work out for longer than half an hour, you are best off choosing a special sports beverage. A bit of the theory: there are three categories, and the difference is in the number of carbohydrates or electrolytes per 100 ml that the beverage contains relative to the electrolytes in your own bodily fluids. The sports and performance beverages from Amanprana are the perfect basis for a naturally hypotonic, isotonic or hypertonic sports beverage. Depending on the amount of powder you add to your water bottle, glass or mug, you get a thirst-quenching beverage or one that gives you an energy boost!

  • hypotonic beverage contains the least carbohydrates or electrolytes and is easily absorbed by the body. You drink this as a thirst quencher before or while working out.
  • An isotonic beverage contains approximately the same concentration of carbohydrates or electrolytes as your own bodily fluids and is absorbed as quickly as or more quickly than water. An isotonic beverage gives more energy, but it can also be a bit heavy on the stomach. In that case, you are better off drinking a hypotonic beverage (see above). You can drink it before, during or after working out. This is primarily advisable for performance lasting more than 60 minutes.
  • hypertonic beverage is more concentrated and contains more carbohydrates or electrolytes per 100 ml than your own bodily fluids. As a result, it is absorbed more slowly and is better for providing energy than as a thirst quencher. It is therefore best to drink after working out.
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Price €26.50
EAN 5425013649209
Weight 0.2300
Magazijn ID 3099
Case per 4
Brand Amanprana
Content 230g
Gluten free Yes
Fairtrade Yes
Raw No
Vegan Yes
Best Before N/A

Put 1 to 3 teaspoons of powder in your bottle, bottle, glass or mug. Add water, milk, cereal or fruit juices. Drink them warm, lukewarm or cold.
Depending on the purpose (thirst-quenching or energy) you add more or less powder:

  • Hypotonic or thirst-quenching: max. 5g / 100 ml (1 teaspoon)
  • Isotonic: max. 10g / 100 ml (2 teaspoons)
  • Hypertone or energy boost: min. 13g / 100 ml (2.5 teaspoon)

63% coconut blossom sugar (1,3), 20% low-fat cocoa powder (1,2), 10% matcha (1), 5% Ethiopia coffee (1), 1% salt, 0.5% guarana, 0.5% cinnamon

1 Organic, 2 Fair Trade, 3 Fair World

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