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Scheerolie van Amanprana

Amanprana Razoli Shaving Oil for Women

Amanprana Flamuno Botanico Mix, bio

Flamuno Botanico Mix, organic

Amanprana Oral & Auris, Organic Tooth & Ear Oil

Amanprana Care

100% of 100

✔ Based on Plants & Herbs
✔ Handy For When On Vacation
✔ For When Flying, Swimming

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How Does Oral & Auris Protect and Provide Care?

Oral & Auris is an oil mix with plant and herbal extracts, that consists out of coconut oil and essential oils such as essential oils from clove, lemon, thyme, peppermint and others. 

How To Use Oral & Auris

Use when:

  • Travelling via airplane
  • Teeth are grown & coming through (e.g. wisdom teeth)
  • Before and after dental procedures in combination with the Amanprana mouth oils Menta or Foeniculum
  • Swimming

Oral & Auris is packaged in an ultraviolet glass pot to protect the ingredients against external influences and to store and preserve the beneficial effects within. 

Oral & Auris becomes liquid from 24°C. The container does not leak. To retain its solid form, store Oral & Auris in the fridge.


  1. Take a cotton swab or use your finger top to take a small amout of Oral & Auris out of the its container
  2. Gently rub onto the problem area in the mouth and on the corresponding area outside of the mouth (on the cheek). For an ear ache, rub Oral & Auris accross the entire ear, behind the ear, by the entrace of the ear canal and onto the jaw and the earlobe.
  3. Repear this process regularly (every hour, if possible) or everytime you feel an irritation or pijn, to soothen the area.

Also suitable for children aged 1 year or older in a low dosage. 

It is recommended to continue using Oral & Auris for a period after the issues has been resolved.

Use Oral & Auris in combination with Menta or Foeniculum mouth oil for complete mouth hygiene. 

Use Oral & Aurice locally on the problem area and use the Amanprana mouth oils each morning and evening after brushing your teeth or whenever you feel necessary.

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Brand Amanprana Care
Content 5 ml
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Use Oral & Auris sparingly.

1. Dab a cotton swab, or a fingertip in the Oral & Auris container.

2. Rub the oil on the affected area in the oral cavity, and apply it also on the outside of the jaw at the same height of the affected area.

To treat ear infection: rub the oil on the entire auricle, behind the ear, at the entrance of the meatus, and downwards along the cartilage of the earlobe.

3. Repeat this regularly (every hour, if possible) or whenever there is a need for relief and care. 

Can also be used for children from the age of one – at a lower dosage.

It is highly recommended to continue using Oral & Auris for a few days after the symptoms are gone.


For abscesses, mouth ulcers or other mouth infections: use Oral & Auris combined with Menta or Foeniculum Mouth Oil for optimal oral hygiene.

Use Oral & Auris topically and rinse with Menta or Foeniculum Mouth Oil in the mornings and in the evenings after brushing your teeth, or whenever there is a need for it.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The oil becomes liquid at 24  24 °C. The jar doesn't leak. To retain a solid shape, you can store Oral & Auris in the refrigerator. 


Does not contain chemicals – does not contain parabens – does not contain alcohol – does not contain paraffin

Does contain 94,34% coconut oil (xbf); 1,41% clove (sb); 0,75% lemon (sb); 0,57% sage (sb); 0,57% thyme (sb); 0,56% cinnamon branch (sb); 0,47% chamomille (sb), 0,38% cinnamon cassia (sb); 0,38% peppermint (sb); 0,38% rosemary (sb); 0,19% coriander seeds (sb)

x= extra virgin, s= essential oil; b= Eco-Control, f=Fair Trade

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