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Bach flowers 16: Gentian, organic


Bach flowers 18: Rock rose, organic

Bach flowers 17: Scleranthus, organic

LaDrôme Provençale

La Drôme Provençale EKO Bach Flowers is prepared according to the methods of Dr. Edward Bach. Eko certified quality. Tested by therapists. Excellent price/quality ratio.

negative emotion: indecisiveness changeability
positive effect: decisiveness and inner balance.

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Dr. Bach was an English doctor who clearly saw the link between our emotions and our frame of mind, on the one hand, and our health and wellbeing on the other. Furthermore, according to Dr. Bach, the primary cause of most conditions lay with a disharmonious psychological state. In order to bring the latter back into balance (and, by doing so, implement healing of both mind and body), the eminent naturalist Dr. Bach developed 38 harmonised flower remedies, each allocated to a well defined psychological imbalance such as anxiety, jealousy, despair.

For acute situations there is always Rescue Remedy. Four drops of this are taken as long as is required.

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Artikelnummer LD/170217
Prijs € 5,95
Gewicht 0.0250
verpakking/doos 30
Brand LaDrôme Provençale
Content 10ml
Gluten free Nee
Fairtrade Nee
Raw Nee
Vegan Nee
Use in chronic situations: 2 to 4 drops of (each of) the chosen remedy(ies) in decarbonised water; min. 4 times per day 4 drops (in the morning when waking up and in the evening before going to bed). It is recommended that no more than 5 essences are used simultaneously.
Ingredients Blossom concentrated and stabilized with a cognac of organic grapes.
Tips indecisiveness changeability
Verpakking/doos 30
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