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Porcelain chasen holder, light green matcha whisk holder

Chasen Holder - Matcha Whisk Holder

Chawan of matcha kom - Haigara - for the preparation of matcha tea the ceremonial way

Chawan (matcha bowl) Haigara

Chawan (matcha bowl) Ume


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✔ Every bowl has its own unique drawing with spots
✔ Lustrous glaze
✔ Artisanal traditional look

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Chawan Ume

This glazed matcha bowl is made from light-coloured clay.

Every Ume bowl is unique. When in the kiln, a unique drawing of spots appears on each one of these bowls thanks to the clay's reaction with the ashes in the glaze. These decorative spots or speckles refer to the blossoms of the plum trees – Ume means ‘prune’ in Japanese, and is a symbol of devotion in Japan.

What is a chawan?

Chawan is the Japanese name for a tea bowl that it is used to prepare matcha. It’s not just a beautiful bowl, but also much attention is paid to the dimensions, the inside, the base and the rim when making a chawan. These elements are all important for preparing matcha and for the experience of drinking the tea.

  • It must be tall enough and wide enough
    The diameter and height of a chawan ensure that you can make the matcha without spilling and so that it feels natural when you hold the bowl as you drink.

    The diameter of a chawan is also important for the matcha-drinking experience – unlike a normal cup, the rim shields your nose from other aromas while drinking. There is enough space for the bowl to ‘hold’ your nose so that you can also inhale the aroma of the matcha. 

    Measurements chawan Ume:
    Diameter: 12 cm
    Height: 7 cm
  • A smooth interior
    The inside of a chawan should be smooth so that it is easy to stir with your chasen or matcha whisk. Small bulges would inhibit the matcha from dissolving.

  • A sturdy base
    When you follow the steps for the Japanese tea ceremony as you prepare your matcha, at a certain point you will only be holding the chawan with one hand: the bowl must have a sturdy base so that it is both easy and safe to hold it.

  • Soft rim
    The rim of a chawan should be neither too thick nor too thin and there cannot be any projections or bulges. When drinking matcha your attention should be on the taste and the experience, and any bulges will distract you.

Made in Japan, Chawan Ume is a beautiful ceremonial matcha bowl that will entrance every new and experienced matcha aficionado.

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Not dishwasher safe – not microwaveable.

Clean with (warm) water without soap. If soap is used, 'leftover soap' may afftect the taste of the matcha.

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