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Dr. Rudolph Book Bamboo salt is science

Dr. Rudolph Book Bamboo salt is science

Tooth powder with sage 35g

Dr. Rudolph

✔ Dental powder with sage and bamboo salt
✔ Fine powder, without fluoride
✔ New way of brushing teeth
✔ 100% natural ingredients

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Dr. Rudolph tooth powder: bamboo salt and sage against plaque and for white teeth

Dr. Rudolph's tooth powder is a dental powder with chalk, bamboo salt and sage. It is an alkaline and soft tooth powder that gently removes all stains on your teeth (including red wine and tea stains). The unique combination of natural ingredients with bamboo salt counteracts the formation of plaque and forms a natural protection against tartar. The teeth become white naturally, the gums remain firm and healthy.

Discover a whole new way to brush your teeth. Dip your wet toothbrush in the powder and brush your teeth as usual.

Tooth powder with sage and bamboo salt as alternative toothpaste

Bamboo salt is a unique salt with a very high concentration of minerals, which we need to activate vitamins and remove waste products. Bamboo salt was developed in Korea 1000 years ago by monks as a health remedy for the Korean population. The bamboo salt in this tooth salt strengthens the purifying effect of the chalk. It contributes to the mineralization of the teeth and strengthens the condition of the gums.

Sage gives you a fresh mouth. Did you know that people used to rub sage leaves on their teeth to get clean, whiter teeth?

Why brush your teeth with tooth powder or dental powder?

We brush our teeth mainly to get a fresh breath and for the feeling of having clean teeth. However, we are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly toothpastes without fluoride and with natural ingredients. Dental powder or salt is a good alternative. You need less of it than you do with toothpaste. With the combination of lime or chalk, bicarbonate and salt, it's a naturally soft abrasive that gives your teeth a clean feel. 

Brushing teeth with tooth powder against plaque?

Tartar is plaque that has hardened and is difficult to remove. So it's important to brush away the plaque layer that builds up on your teeth every day through eating and bacteria. Dr. Rudolph's dental powder with its mineral-rich bamboo salt is ideal for this purpose. Salt is naturally antibacterial and works as a soft abrasive.

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Open the pot carefully, so that the powder does not spill out
Dip a clean, wet toothbrush into the Dr. Rudolph dental salt and brush your teeth as usual


Chalk, bamboo salt, bicarbonate, sage.

Without fluorine.

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