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Receive a FREE copy of Healthy Food, Happy People when you purchase the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer. An informative and beautiful cookbook filled with healthy recipes worth € 39,95.

Slowjuicer - Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

Receive a FREE copy of Healthy Food, Happy People when you purchase the Sedona Food Express Dehydrator (SD 6780). An informative and beautiful cookbook filled with healthy recipes worth € 39,95.

Sedona Food Express Dehydrator (SD 6780)

Horizontal slow juicer - Tribest Green Star Elite


+ FREE Amanprana recipe book Healthy Food, Happy People worth € 39,95

✔ Type press: double gear
✔ Masticating slow juicer
✔ Includes a glass jug & cleaning brush
✔ 110 turns/minute

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Special offer until February 28th, 2017

Receive a FREE copy of Healthy Food, Happy People when you purchase the Tribest Green Star Elite. An informative and beautiful cookbook filled with healthy recipes worth € 39,95.

Slow juicer Tribest Green Star Elite gives you a healthy boost

This horizontal slow juicer from Green Star grinds vegetables, fruits, nuts without damaging the nutrients and natural enzymes. In contrast to a blender, the slow juicers separates the juice from the fibres. Fibres in smoothies and soup provide a feeling of ‘fullness’ and a smooth absorption of the natural sugars in vegetables and fruits. 

Because a slow juicer collects fibres from the pulp, nutrients and enzymes are absorbed much faster. This allows you to drink many glasses of juice each day, giving you a nutrient and enzyme boost.  A gift for your body: good for your intestinal flora and to get in your daily recommended amount of vitamins and minerals without overloading your stomach and intestines with food.

The double gear press this Green Star slow juicer has grinds better than your own teeth

Tribest Green Star Elite has a double gear press made from stainless steel. Something truly extraordinary. The slow juicer produces juices of exceptional quality thanks to its unique press system. It grinds the vegetables and fruits for your juice in 3 different ways to produce a tasty and nutrient-rich juice.

  • The teeth of the double gear press have the function of incisors. They break even the hardest fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, parsnips and sweet potatoes. They work efficiently and prevent the motor from overloading.

  • The double gear also has sturdy, strong stainless steel points that match the work of canines. They cut the filaments in vegetables (like celery, leeks) and prevent the press from becoming clogged.

  • Finally, there is the part of the double gear press that crushes everything, much like molars do.

It is the unique combination of these 3 elements of the double gear system that allows the Green Star Slow Juicers to produce such exceptionally nutritious juices. The Tribest Green Star Elite, therefore, is also called a ‘masticating juicer’.

The remaining pulp is very dry – the juice has been squeezed out – and the cells from the vegetables and fruits burst open through the double gear system to release all the available vitamins and minerals.

Exclusive magnetic technology in this slow juicer ensure that top quality juice is produced

Besides the double gear press system of this masticating juicer, the Tribest Green Star Elite distinguishes itself from other slow juicers through its exclusive magnetic and bio ceramic technology. The magnets create a magnetic field through which water molecules can more easily and more quickly attach to the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients of the juice.

The bio ceramic materials in the rotary press has a double function as well: the bio ceramic material use the kinetic energy of the rotary press to issues far infrared (FIR) waves to slow down the oxidation process of the juice. Juice from the Tribest Green Star Elite holds onto those nutrients for a longer period of time. You can keep your juice fresh up to 72 hours after pressing, by storing it in the refrigerator in a closed glass container.

Tribest Green Star Elite Specifications

Model: Elite
Length: 46,4
Width: 17,5
Height: 31,7
Weight: 8 kg
BPA-free: Yes
Power Consumption: 200 W
Voltage: 60 Hz
Cord length: 140 cm, grounded plug
Colour: wit

Box contents: Slow juicers, filling funnel, coarse and fine sieve (for hard and soft fruits & vegetables), open sieve (for food processing), plastic and wooden jar, glass jug, hand strainer, drip tray, cleaning brush


There is a 2 year warranty for this Tribest Green Star Elite. Save your purchase receipt and send it, along with the reason for the request, to Amanvida NV via [email protected] to request the guarantee.

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You can use the Tribest Green Star Elite juicer also to make nut butter, sorbet, sauces and vegetable pate.

The remaining pulp can be used to make burgers or to make crackers: spread the pulp onto a drying oven tray and let it become ‘hard’ in the drying oven. The result: healthy and tasty crackers. The leftover pulp also be added to soup, for example. 

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