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SONNENTOR, Base Fasting Tea loose 50g, organic

Base Fasting Tea loose 50g, organic

Chakoshi - Japanese Strainer

✔ Fine Japanese tea strainer
✔ For the best matcha latte
✔ Also for loose tea
✔ Made of strong and durable stainless steel

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The Matcha Chakoshi (Japanese strainer) - For Sifting Even the Finest Powders

When matcha powder is not sifted or strained before using it to make your tea, latte or sweets, it tends to be lumpy. And lumpy matcha just doesn't do justice to this delicious tea powder. So, sifting is an essential part of the preparation process.

This Matcha Chakoshi is perfect for sifting Matcha. It's easy and quick to use and convenvient when preparing just one cup of matcha tea. Amanvida chose this sieve or strainer for its properties. The mesh strainer is not too coarse but not too fine either, just right for matcha and other loose teas. The handle is sturdy and strong making it a very durable product and the strainer also lasts a long time.

The 1st Step for Making the Best Matcha (Latte): A Good Strainer

Matcha is a ceromonial tea that has been made during Japanese tea ceremonies for hundreds of years. During the tea ceremony, a chashaku (bamboo matcha spoon) is used to make one cup of matcha, which is then drunk out of a chawan, the ceremonial matcha bowl.

Only a matcha master can whisk the ultra-fine matcha powder with a chasen so that there is not a single lump in sight. You can really taste the difference. In the West, we bode well with a matcha strainer to help us get rid of lumps.

With this tea strainer you will easily make foamy matcha lattes, without any pieces or clumps of powder.

How to make matcha:

The preparation of matcha should be a moment of peace and reflection.

1. Scoop half a teaspoon or 1 chashaku of matcha
2. Position the Chakoshi over a Matcha bowl or any cup.
3. Put the matcha powder on the mesh. and gently press down with the spoon.
4. Add 60 ml of warm water (80°C°) and whisk in the shape of the infinity sign ∞, until the fine powder is a foamy grassgreen drink.
*This product is dishwasher safe

Origin: Japan
Material: Inox
Dimensions L 17 cm, 7.5 cm, Ø 6.5 cm H

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Preparing your matcha

  • Put the matcha powder into a ceremonial bowl - be sure to sift gently through a Chakoshi (Japanese tea strainer)

  • Add the water and gently move the powder from the bottom of the bowl upwards using a chasen. (a scoop-like motion)

  • Stop scooping and now rotate the chasen in a circular motion through the tea

After your matcha is ready

  • Clean your chasen properly. Do not place in the dishwasher but rinse with warm water

Tip: after you have drunk your matcha, fill the bowl with warm water and whisk your chasen through the water in the same manner as preparing tea.

  • Remove the chasen from the water when all bits of matcha are removed and shake off the excess water

  • Leave the chasen to dry on a chasen whisk holder.

Depending on how often you use your chasen, the bamboo tines will separate. The bamboo tines on an unused chasen are very close together, but the more you use the chasen the more the tines will part as a result of the pressure caused by whisking with the chasen. It is completely normal for your chasen to ‘open up’. Use the chasen whisk holder so that it dries properly and keeps its shape.

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