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Black chawan, black ceremonial matcha bowl - Oribe-Guro - contrasts nicely with the bright green foam of organic matcha

Chawan (matcha bowl) Oribe-Guro

Premium Matcha HORAI - matcha of superior quality for the preparation of koicha and usucha.

Matcha - Premium - Horai (30g), organic

Matcha - Super Premium - Ten (30g), organic


'TEN' is Japanese for 'heaven', which refers to the superior quality of this organic Japanese Matcha. Available only in limited quantities.

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Matcha – Super Premium TEN

Super Premium TEN is an organic Japanese matcha that is only available in limited quantities.

This matcha is of superior quality with a sweet, mild flavour and a fruity, fresh but intense character. The matcha has a deep bright green colour, which is an indication of the unbeatable heavenly taste. ‘TEN’ is the Japanese word for ‘heaven’. 

Rich in umami, Super Premium TEN matcha is not a matcha meant for dishes, but to enjoy in the form of koicha or usucha. 

Super Premium TEN is matcha for the preparation of koicha or usucha

What is koicha?

There are two ways to prepare matcha; as a thin (normal) tea, or as a strong, thick tea. Koicha is matcha prepared as a thick tea.

Originally, koicha was the only way to serve matcha. During a tea ceremony, the koicha was prepared with the very best matcha using the traditional chasen or matcha whisk and a suitable chawan or ceremonial matcha bowl. This tea was only consumed by the upper class as they could afford the expensive matcha. This was important because koicha can only be prepared with high quality matcha. When using substandard, cheap matcha, koicha tastes bitter and misses the typical umami flavour. 

What is usucha?

When the consumption of matcha started to gain popularity amongst the middle class, a second way to serve matcha was developed; namely matcha prepared as usucha. Usucha is the preparation of matcha like we know it today: the matcha is whisked in the chawan with a chasen to a foamy, green tea.

Not syrupy, like koicha, but rather more like a normal tea. For a tasty usucha with umami, the matcha still must be of a certain level of quality. Otherwise, the aftertaste is not palatable.

Koicha is still prepared with top quality matcha, like the Super Premium TEN from Aiya. For this reason, Super Premium TEN from Aiya is the ideal gift for each matcha aficionado.

Aiya was the first to introduce matcha in Europe. It is also the first European brand of organic matcha and organic Japanese green tea.

More information about matcha can be found on “Matcha – how, when and which to use?” and “8 reasons to drink matcha every day”. 

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SKU AIYA/MatchaSuperPremiumTen
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Brand Aiya
Content 30g
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For the preparation of Super Premium TEN as usucha

  • Gently boil soft water (soft water = mineral-free or low water).
  • Take half a teaspoon of matcha (approximately 1 gram).
  • Add 80ml to 1dl water of 80°C.
  • Whisk the matcha using a chasen till it is a foamy mass. This takes about 15 seconds.

Matcha is also sometimes referred to as the ‘espresso amongst teas’. For this reason, a chawan is never filled to the brim, but often has no more matcha tea than the amount of two fingers. 

For the preparation of Super Premium TEN as Koicha

  • Gently boil soft water (soft water = mineral-free or low water).
  • Take two teaspoons Super Premium TEN matcha (approximately 4 grams).
  • Add 15 to 30ml water of 80°C.
  • Begin by adding a few drops of water and use the chasen or matcha-whisk to mix the water with the matcha.
  • Mix the remaining water with the matcha.

100% organic Japanese matcha, powdered green tea


Make sure that the water temperature whilst preparing matcha is not too high. The recommended temperature is 80°. 

Water that has just reached its boiling point can be cooled down to 80°C in two ways:
- Leave the kettle to cool down for 10 minutes with the lid open.
- Pour the boiling water into another bowl 4 times, alternating between 2 bowls. Each time the water is poured into another bowl, it loses 4 to 5°C. By doing this you can also warm up the chawan(s) you intend to use.

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