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AMANVIDA | MightyBee makes organic and raw food products out of fresh Thai coconuts

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MightyBee produces organic and raw food from coconuts

MightyBee is a young London based company that strives to introduce new innovative organic products to the market. The company's mission: offering high quality food, without doing any harm to nature. Ethical values are always paramount.

Fresh frozen coconut meat and fresh frozen coconut water are MightyBee’s first products. MightyBee was the first to introduce a pink variant of coconut water in the United Kingdom as well. And with this, they make a statement: Coconut water is pink due to the reaction of natural antioxidants with sunlight.  Each bottle of coconut water, as a result, will get its own unique colour. MightyBee thinks this is fantastic. With this product the company aims to counter the standardization of society.

Not beef jerky but coconut jerky

In February 2015 MightyBee became even more well-known as the top producer of unique gluten-free coconut products with the launch of the first raw, vegan jerky. Not ‘beef jerky’ made of dried beef, but coconut jerky made from young Thai coconuts. Healthy, vegan snacks.

MightyBee’s coconut jerky is raw. It is slowly dried and does not contain any gluten, nor refined sugars, nor any preservatives or milk proteins. You don’t require extensive knowledge to understand the ingredients. Each flavour in the MightyBee coconut jerky is natural, making it a delicious, healthy snack.

The coconut jerky from MightyBee is available in 3 flavours:

  • Spicy BBQ – the top alternative for meat eaters who love the taste of bacon
  • Teriyaki – the hearty variant for those who love the sweeter Eastern kitchen
  • Chocolate Hazelnut – sweet coconut jerky ideal to replace sweets, cookies, pastries & chocolate

For MightyBee it’s all about nature

Bee Honest, Bee Caring and Bee Peaceful are the three pillars of MightyBee.

Bee Honest stands for honesty and harmony. All MightyBee products are in harmony with nature. They are the result of 100% organic and durable harvesting practices.

Bee Caring refers to simplicity and unprocessed. The coconut water and coconut meat are unprocessed. Nothing is removed and nothing is added. Everything remains as nature intended it. The coconut jerky owes its taste to the herbs that nature provides for us. No chemical additives.

Bee Peaceful keeps fair trade, a cause that MightyBee actively promotes, and wholesomeness for the body in mind. The products from MightyBee are extremely beneficial for your body. They are healthy foods, made from young, green Thai coconut coconuts. The coconut farmers use nature itself to promote the coconuts’ growth; Chickens running around, old coconuts fertilizing the soil, insects roaming around to hinder the potentially harmful bacteria. The coconuts are harvested when their growth has reached the maximum point.

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