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Amanprana food

AMANPRANA | AMANVIDA | Food that nourishes. Organic, vegetarian and 100% all-natural.

Amanprana is ‘serene vitality’. ‘Aman’ is Sanskrit for peace or rest, ‘prana’ refers to energy and vitality. According to Amanprana only pure, healthy food nourishes serene vitality into all of us. It does not rob our body but supports it. Amanprana foods are therefore like nature intended it: processed as little as possible, organic and 100% all-natural.

Learn more about what makes Amanprana different from other organic food brands.

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  1. Amanprana Arbequina olive oil with Boletus 250 ml, organic Amanprana Arbequina olive oil with Boletus 250 ml, organic
  2. Alpin blond light bio Alpin blond light bio
    Amanprana Alpin Blond Light - Organic Wheat Germs
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Amanprana food

Amanprana means no isolates

Amanprana believes in the whole and not in the individual parts. No isolates; the way nature intended it. Amanprana products, therefore, never contain unnecessary additives, such as chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, flavours or dyes. A good basic product never needs such artificial ‘improvers’. For this reason, the exceptional taste of the Verde Salud olive oil and the unique Coconut + Olive + Red palm oil oil-mix taste can be attributed to the pureness of its ingredients. And in the omega-rich Okinawa range, the red palm oil provides all-natural vitamin E. Amanprana has no unnatural additives or extractions. 

Amanprana strives for the best quality

In an era in which the earth is ‘undernourished’ and ‘overloaded’, Amanprana looks for foods with the highest nutritional and ORAC values. The ORAC values of a product refers to the amount of antioxidants per 100g. Antioxidants protect the body against free radicals. The higher the ORAC values, the more antioxidants present. A tablespoon of ORAC Mild or ORAC Spicy Botanic-mix is sufficient for the recommended daily intake of antioxidants.

Amanprana is fair trade and fair world, when possible

Choosing for Amanprana is choosing for equality and equal opportunities. Red Palm, extra virgin red palm oil from Amanprana, is the first sustainable and ethical red palm oil. Buying 1 litre Red Palm oil = saving 1 rainforest tree and contributing to the economic development of poor communities in Columbia. With a purchase of the South-African Amanprana Khoisan Fleur de Sel, you support the Fairtrade Fund of Khoisan Salt Trading. Gula Java Coconut Blossom Sugar from Amanprana gives 850 families in central Java an extra income and strives, in cooperation with Hivos, for the equality of women.

Amanprana is food that nourishes

When you eat food in its entirety, you also eat more nutrients. Amanprana applies this principle to its products, such as its Kotobuki Rooibos and Kotobuki Earl Grey. These 2 teas are inspired by the concept of ‘matcha’ so that you drink the whole water-soluble and non-water-soluble nutrients. Amanprana chooses, when possible, for fresh and raw foods, to preserve active enzymes, minerals and vitamins. For Amanprana Extra Virgin Coconut oil, a maximum of 48 hours passes between the pealing and pressing of the coconuts for example. 

Amanprana is transparent

On each Amanprana label (food and personal care items) the exact percentages of the ingredients are shared with you. You will also find other information there. The labels and packaging are developed so that you, as the consumer, are as fully and correctly possible informed. In addition, the packaging and labels are bio-degradable. Glass instead of plastic, with recyclable labels, glue and ink. 

Want to learn more about Amanprana? Receive the free Food as Medicine booklet from Amanprana with more than 50 pages of product and health information. Provided with your order from