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The healthiest bread and spreads for popping in the bread bin

Bread can be so delicious! A fresh sandwich, made with delicious cheese, cold cuts or a creamy spread (nut butter, vegetable spread). Spreads for bread are always sweet or savoury. We put toppings on our sandwiches to liven up the bland taste of bread, and you get extra nutrients too. But how do you make it healthy? Make sure there is enough variety between different types of bread and toppings. It's tasty, and you get different nutrients every time. Also think about eating vegetables with your sandwich. You can go a long way with some tomatoes, cucumber or carrots. Tasty and healthy!


What types of bread are healthy?

Bread comes in endless varieties: roughly divided into white, brown, wholegrain or multigrain. Which bread is healthiest? Best to choose the wholegrain version. This bread is made from the whole grain and contains more nutrients, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Wholegrain bread makes you feel full for longer. A win-win situation! Fancy something different? Get your teeth into a wrap, or add some pasta, rice, couscous or quinoa to your plate.

Sprouted grain bread: bread, but different

Bread has been coming under fire lately. Many people therefore feature it less in their diet. But what can you eat instead? Because bread is nutritious and simple. One alternative is sprouted grain bread. Traditional bread is baked from dried wheat or other grain that has been ground into flour. Sprouted grain bread is made from grains (wheat, rye or spelt), which have been allowed to sprout and then baked at very low to moderate temperature into a bread that is clearly different in structure to what we are used to.
Sprouted grain bread has a very firm structure and is particularly nutritious, because it is very rich in fibre and protein, yet easily digestible. Just a little makes you feel quite full. Perfect for a good start to the day, a simple and sensible lunch or a powerful pep-up before or after exercise.

Healthy sandwiches in the bread bin? Try a vegetarian spread

Spreads for bread do not have to be boring. Variety is the spice of life when it comes to sandwiches! Always choose vegetable spread.

  • Fruit: banana, strawberry, peach, ...
  • Vegetables: raw, grilled or in a spread
  • Nut butter: for example 100% peanut butter, cashew butter or a mix of different nuts. It is recommended to eat a handful of nuts daily (approx.25g). The health effects of nuts simply don't lie. So it is just as beneficial to spread nut butter on your sandwich. 
  • Spread made from pulses or legumes: for example hummus

It is also nice to fill a wrap or pitta bread with nut butter or hummus and raw vegetables.

You can occasionally vary these with non-vegetable options: eggs, Cottage cheese, mozzarella, country cheese, fish, (roast) chicken or turkey fillet, roast beef. It is recommended that you eat meat only once a day. So, either on your sandwich or as part of your hot meal. Tasty!

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