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Amanprana Personal Care organic & Fair Trade

Amanprana Personal Care

Amanprana scores 10/10 in Rita Stiens’ cosmetics tests. This German-language beauty journalist has teamed up with a chemist to create a website where you can check the ‘green content’ of beauty products. Enter the INCI codes of the ingredients, and you can instantly see whether the ingredient is harmful for you. All of Amanprana’s body care products passed with flying colours. Amanprana products are 100% organic, contain no harmful ingredients like phthalates, parabens or sulphates, and their packaging is not only environmentally friendly, it’s also people friendly.

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Amanprana: oil not cream

Amanprana body care products do not contain water. Not one drop. Not only is water a cheap filler, it has no active properties. Worst of all, it dries out your skin. It sucks the oil out of your skin and disrupts its barrier function. You might have noticed this when you wash your hands frequently, swim regularly or take frequent showers.

Unlike water, oil ensures that the moisture content of your skin remains at an optimal level. Oil makes sure water is retained. This means oil can keep your skin from drying out and prevent small areas of inflammation from developing. Your skin stays elastic, wrinkles are reduced, age spots disappear, wounds are cured, and if your skin is already damaged, oil gives it the support and food it needs to rapidly heal itself.

Amanprana: 100% organic

Amanprana makes a conscious choice to use organic oils in its body care products. Chemical pesticides leave traces in the oil, which are bad for your body. Pesticides also reduce the natural resistance of the plant. This weakens the plant. Organic plants and fruit have to fight and defend themselves against bacteria. As a result, they are richer in healing micronutrients. This means that organic oils also have a higher nutrient content.

But not all organic oils are created equal. When choosing its oils, Amanprana also considers other factors. Region and production method, for example. The base oils in the Amanprana body care line are extra virgin and organic olive oil, almond oil, red palm oil and coconut oil.

  • Amanprana olive oil contains less than 0.3% fatty acids and has a DOP label. It’s cold pressed and bottled in La Rioja.
  • The almonds in the almond oil are also of Spanish origin. Amanprana presses them itself. No more than 0.5% of the almonds may be broken or damaged upon arrival, to prevent oxidation and preserve the healing, de-acidifying powers of the almond oil.
  • Amanprana’s red palm oil comes from families of small-scale Colombian palm growers; thanks to the demand from Amanprana, these growers have been granted organic certification. As well as red palm oil, Amanprana supports Colombian environmental organisation ProAves.
  • Amanprana’s coconut oil is fresher than fresh. The ripe coconuts sit for a maximum of 48 hours between shelling and pressing. Also, the coconuts are pressed at a moderate temperature of no more than 45°C.

Amanprana: preserved naturally

Amanprana body care products contain no chemical preservatives. The ingredients are preserved naturally with red palm oil and packaged in violet glass bottles. Red palm oil is rich in 8 types of vitamin E and in carotenes. These are antioxidants that protect the cell walls inside the skin from oxidation (ageing) and extend the shelf life of the body care product in an entirely natural way.

If the composition of the product does not include red palm oil, the packaging preserves the shelf life. All Amanprana body care products – from mouth oil, shaving oil and scrubs to body oil, make-up remover, eye serum and face oil – are packaged with violet glass. Violet glass is virtually the only way to avoid having to use preservatives in organic body care products. It prevents oxidation by blocking visible light.

Sunlight is made up of visible light (the rainbow spectrum) and invisible light (ultraviolet UV-A and infrared). In visible light, oils lose their fragrance and their healing properties. Invisible light preserves and efficiently activates the oil molecules. Violet glass blocks visible light and lets invisible light through. Brown glass and plastic do not do this.

Amanprana: 100% vegan and never tested on animals

Every product in the Amanprana body care line bears the Leaping Bunny label. This means that neither the product nor any of its ingredients have been tested on animals. Amanprana is also 100% vegan – none of its products contain animal ingredients.