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6 x Pineo Intens 1L

Promo Pack: Coconut Oil, Red Palm Oil and COP Oil, 3x 325ml

Amanprana Qi-board Cutting board S, organic form

Amanprana Qi-board Cutting board S, organic form

A Seitan Super deal! Seitan cookbook + protein steak with vitamine D!, organic


What’s the greatest food for a healthy protein diet? Seitan!

Learn why here and take advantage of our unique 10 % discount!

Only € 22.95 for our cookbook +  seitan steak!

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Super deal Seitan! Only € 22.95 for seitan cookbook + protein steak with vitamine D!


What’s the greatest food for a healthy protein diet? Seitan! Sounds exotic, but Bertyn’s seitan is made in a small non-exotic European country, Belgium!

Nonetheless, Bertyn’s seitan is prepared according to the traditional Japanese manner.

More than a thousand years ago, when Japanese zen monks chose to live a vegetarian lifestyle, they developed seitan as an alternative source of protein.

Since then it has become one of the greatest natural sources of protein available!

Seitan is Japanese for ‘made of protein’, and in this case, made from wheat or spelt flour.

The proteins from these flours make this meat replacement a true substitute for meat in any protein diet.

Its texture is very similar to that of real meat – hence its alternative names ‘vegetarian meat’ and ‘wheatmeat’ – except that seitan has a much higher nutritional value!

Why is seitan the ideal replacement for meat in a protein diet?

Where does its high nutritional value come from? Why are plant-based proteins so much better than meat proteins?

How much protein do you need to get your body in shape and keep it that way? How can you convince others, the true meatlovers, to fall in love with seitan?

Answers to these questions and more are given in the cookbook “Healthy and happy with proteins”, by Bart Maes, Chantal Voets & Serge Restiau.

In addition to a number of informative chapters, this book offers more than 40 recipes to prepare a variety of delicious dishes with seitan.

Vol-au-vent with seitan? Sure! Summer seitan tapenade with curry veganaise? Of course! Spaghetti with seitan bolognaise? Yes, that too!

Have a look inside the book!

Recipe book + protein steak with vitamine D – temporarily available for € 22.95 instead of € 26.20! More than 10% discount.

Taste Bertyn’s new seitan protein steak! A necessity for a healthy protein diet!

Want to be healthy and fit by the time summer comes around? Make sure to take advantage of our unique 10% discount!

Try out the recipes from “Healthy and happy with proteins” for yourself and taste the new protein steak with vitamine D! Vitamine D is absolutely necessary for optimal health.

It gives you strong teeth, sturdy bones, and gets your immune system working properly… Do you get to enjoy the sun a lot less than you’d like and need to? Well then, this protein steak is the solution.

The Agaricus mushroom makes this protein steak a great source of vitamin D, giving your body its recommended weekly portion. And you?

You’ll feel much, much better. No doubt about that.


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How to prepare the seitan steak: Pan-fry or grill on both sides for 5 minutes.

Add the sauce and ... ready to serve!

Alternatively, immerse it in its package in boiling water for 5 minutes.

Ingredients Ingredients: Manitoba wheat flour*, wholemeal wheat flour*, shoyu* (water, soy beans*, wheat flour*, sea salt, mirin* (rice*, fermented rice*, water)), dried Agaricus mushroom*, ginger*, laurel*, and fleur de sel (salt crystals). May contain traces of celery, mustard, sesame seed, nuts, peanuts. * = bio control: BE-2
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