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Food Express Dehydrator (SD 6780)


+ FREE Amanprana recipe book Healthy Food, Happy People worth € 39,95

✔ To make vegetable crisps or dried fruit
✔ Also dried nuts, seeds and grains
✔ Preserves nutritional value
✔ With stainless steel trays

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Special offer until February 28th, 2017

Receive a FREE copy of Healthy Food, Happy People when you purchase the Sedona Food Express Dehydrator (SD 6780). An informative and beautiful cookbook filled with healthy recipes worth € 39,95.

Sedona Food Express Dehydrator SD 67800 is BPA and plastic free

This Sedona food dryer does not contain any plastic and is completely BPA free. The 12 drying trays are made of stainless steel and the drying oven has a glass door. This is of the utmost importance for the preparation of healthy food.

Most drying ovens are mainly made of plastic that is heated in each time the oven is used. For hours at a time. This is very toxic to the environment, it creates a toxic air to breathe and in order to dry your food it the plastic will have to be heated for 4 to 24 hours. Amanvida has done the necessary research and has consciously added this Sedona drying oven to its product range. 

With a drying oven or dehydrator you preserve your food without additives

Fruit and vegetables, but also nuts, seeds, grains and spices, can be dried with a food dryer or dehydrator. Followers of the raw food diet are big fans of drying ovens because dehydrating food is the best way to preserve nutrients and taste. Without any preservatives or additives! Thanks to the drying process the water in the grains, vegetables, nuts… evaporates and the nutrients are preserved. When your food has been dehydrated in your drying oven and has been cooled down, it can be stored for several months afterwards in glass pots. Tasty and healthy as a snack or something to add to your soup or salads. 

The Sedona food dryer is a drying oven for making fruit gums, vegetable crisps, nuts, seeds, cereal flour and your own herbal mixes... 

Drying fruit

  • To make fruit chips or fruit gums, cut the fruit you want to dry into smaller pieces or slices
  • Before or after drying you can flavour the fruit with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and coconut blossom sugar
  • Some types of fruits, such as prunes, cherries and grapes has a protective edible peel. To dry this fruit, break the peal first by blanching it shortly (max 60s) and placing it into cool water immediately after.

Drying Vegetables

  • With carrots, courgettes and sweet potatoes delicious and healthy vegetable crisps can be made.
  • Also mushrooms, corn and other vegetables can be dehydrated or dried. Some vegetables will become sweet whilst others may become spicier (e.g. onions). Experiment with different vegetables and add your favourite spice to make it just right for you.
  • To make vegetable crisps, choose the ‘Raw’ setting.  

Drying Nuts

  • Soak nuts before you place them onto the drying tray. Make sure that they are completely under water (add several drops of lemon juice in order to kill any bacteria). Let harder nuts, such as almonds, soak for 6 to 12 hours. After soaking, rinse carefully.
  • Dried nuts are delicious as a small appetizer (with tasty spices such as paprika, cayenne pepper, cumin). Or after drying you can grind the nuts into ‘flour’ to use in various recipes.

Drying Seeds

  • Much like nuts, seeds should be soaked in water before you place them in the drying oven. The water will break the natural protective layer that prevents the seed from sprouting. Rinse thoroughly after soaking.
  • Dried seeds can be ground. The ‘flour’ made from ground dried seeds (such as the flour from pumpkin seeds) is a natural binder ideal for sauces, soups, bread and pastries.
  • Perfect to add to your home-made granola. 

Drying Spices

  • Drying spices is a fun way to create new and original spice mixes.
  • Remove the non-edible parts of the spice plants and spread the spices across the drying trays.
  • For drying spices, choose the ‘raw’ setting.

 Drying Grains

  • Soak the grains for several days in water (2 to 3 days would be ideal). Rinse thoroughly after dehydrating.
  • You can also germinate the grains before drying, so that you can grind your dried grains into germinated flour.
  • Combine the dried grains with seeds, spices, vegetables or fruit to make hearty or sweet crackers. You can also combine it with vegetables or fruit pulp from the slow juicer.
  • Grains can be dried best in the ‘combo’ setting.  

Sedona Dehydrator has 3 temperature settings:

  • Fast
    Temperature: 75°C (167°F)
    Timing: 1 hour (standard setting)

  • Raw
    Temperature: 48°C (118°F)
    Timing : 10 hours (standard setting)
    ‘Raw’ is the setting to use in order to preserve nutrients that would be lost if higher temperatures were used. Ideal for making vegetable crisps, for drying nuts and spices.

  • Combo (Fast + Raw)
    ‘Combo’ starts with the Fast temperature to speed up the initial drying process and to stop the natural fermentation of your food. This setting ends with the ‘raw’ temperature to preserve as many nutrients as possible.


You get 3 years warranty on electrical components. Save your receipt and send it, along with the reason for application, to Amanvida NV via [email protected] to request the warranty. 

Interested in more information about this kitchen machine? Ask your questions via [email protected].

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Make sure that the pieces of fruit or vegetables you want to dry are similar in size. Place the pieces as closely as possible to one another on the tray. Because of the drying process, the water found in the food will evaporate, ‘shrinking’ the pieces of fruits and vegetables.

The bigger the pieces, the longer it takes to dry.

For every type of food use a separate drying tray.

For each ‘turn’ you can place up to 11 drying plates in the Sedona Dehydrator. It is possible to dry different types of food at the same time. Please note that some foods dry quicker than others and may need to be taken out sooner.

Warm air rises, causing the fruits and vegetables on the top trays of the food dryer to dry faster. Be sure to interchange the drying trays occasionally to obtain the best results and to ensure that the pieces of fruit and vegetables dry simultaneously.

Ingredients N/A

This drying oven from Sedona can also be used to dry flowers. You can make a dry bouquet or make potpourri.

Experiment with the length of the drying process and the temperature to achieve your desired results. For flowers, we recommend to use the same drying temperature as recommended for spices (max. 40°C).

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