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The Munio Vegan candle, Wax Melts - Marigold

The Munio Vegan candle, Wax Melts - Marigold

The Munio Soy wax Candle - Wax Melts Juniper and Limonium

The Munio Soy wax Candle - Wax Melts Juniper and Limonium

Vegan soy wax candle - unscented

The Munio

✔ Candles made of soy wax
✔ Unscented, without perfume
✔ Decorated with marigold
✔ Handcrafted in Latvia
✔ Ecological and sustainable

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The Munio Vegan candle soy wax unscented - small
The Munio Vegan candle soy wax unscented - large
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The Munio: vegan candles made from soy wax are healthy candles

Munio Candela creates beautiful candles which have natural allure made of hand-cast soy wax decorated with marigolds from Latvian meadows. When the candle burns, a hole is created by the burning wick where the yellow marigold petals warmly light up. Marigolds are prized for their joyful, sunny appearance. 

At Munio Candela, each candle is handcrafted with love and care using 100% soy wax and natural fragrances. Soy wax is a vegetable wax derived from the oil of soybeans.

Candles made from soy wax are healthy candles

Candles are frequently made from paraffin, a by-product of petroleum. When you light these candles, toxic substances such as benzene and toluene may be released. Bad for the environment and for your health. If you still want to burn candles, choose healthy candles, for example, based on natural ingredients such as soy wax.

Soy wax is derived from soybeans, and is plant-based, recyclable and organic. Soy wax also does not heat up as quickly, so your candle will burn slower and last longer than one made from paraffin. 

Why choose unscented candles?

Smell is our strongest sense. This is precisely why fragrances can be very overwhelming. After a hectic day, it might be necessary to turn off as many stimuli as possible and create a calm atmosphere. Taking a walk in nature is ideal, but that's not always possible. 1379627946 With unscented candles by Munio Candela, you can bring a piece of nature into your home. The warm light emanating from a dancing flame which lights up the marigolds has a soothing and even perhaps a hypnotic effect. 

Why will you also fall in love with vegan candles from The Munio?

Munio Candela invites you into a cosy bubble filled with enduring charm. The candles acquire a calming quality due to the use of natural materials and plenty of flowers, herbs and leaves. A naturally cosy atmosphere is something we crave so much in our fast-paced society.

Burn a candle made by Munio Candela and memories of your childhood with summers in the countryside, playing in the woods, wandering around in nature will reappear. Watch the dancing flames and take a moment for yourself.

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  • At first use: cut the wick to 1 cm and let the candle burn until most of the top layer has become liquid. This prevents the formation of a deep hole and prolongs the life of the candle.
  • Cut the wick shorter each time you burn the candle, up to 1 cm. This will cause the candle to burn at the right temperature and it will be less smoky. A long wick makes the candle burn faster.
  • Do not burn the candle longer than 3-4 hours at a time and always under supervision.
  • Place the candle in a draught-free place, out of direct sunlight and out of reach of children.

100% natural and GMO-free soy wax,
marigold flowers (decoration)
Cotton wick, 100% lead-free

Big candle:

Odourless | Volume: 515ml | Dimensions: Ø 8cm x H 10cm | Burning time: 50 hours

Small candle:

Odourless | Volume: 220ml | Dimensions: Ø 8cm x H 4cm | Burning time: 15 hours


Combine a pair of large and small vegan candles on a bowl or wooden plate. Decorative and atmospheric. Also nice as decoration on a festive table.

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