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What is Razoli?

Razoli is an organic shaving oil

Razoli, shaving oil for women

Razoli for women is a skin-friendly and natural shaving product that prevents redness, itchiness, shaving rashes, ingrown hairs, cuts and other forms of skin irritation.


As a shaving oil, Razoli is perfect for shaving and sculpting your pubic hair. Because the oil is transparent, you can see where you are shaving, and because of the unique composition and combination of base oils and essential oils in Razoli shaving oil for women, the pH balance of your groin area will always be in balance.


It’s great to know that you can add a great many other labels to your bottle of Razoli shaving oil for women, which means it is much more than just a shaving oil for your legs, armpits and pubic hair.


Razoli is much more than just a shaving oil.


Razoli is also a natural moisturiser

After shaving you most likely like to apply a moisturiser in order to restore your skin barrier. A healthy barrier is essential for keeping your skin in a good condition and healthy. But when you use Razoli you do not need a moisturiser, as our shaving oil already nourishes your skin while you are shaving.


Organic shaving oil for women, RazoliRazoli is also a soothing lotion

When you use a shaving foam or gel to shave it is almost impossible to avoid damaging the epidermis – the uppermost skin layer. You often even need to ‘soothe’ your skin with a body lotion after shaving (or waxing or epilating). That’s not necessary when you use Razoli. The organic oils prevent damage to your skin while shaving.


Razoli is also a nourishing massage oil

Razoli shaving oil for women can be used as a nourishing massage oil for your legs. The essential oils, including vetiver and cardamom, stimulate your blood circulation.


Razoli is also an organic deodoriser

Olive oil, like the extra virgin organic olive oil in Razoli shaving oil for women, is rich in oxygen-retaining chlorophyll. This means that Razoli also combats perspiration odours. 


Razoli is also an aftershave

Men with acne or ingrown facial hairs are often told to throw away their razors and invest in an electric shaver. But that’s not necessary when you use Razoli. The nourishing essential oils replace – and improve on – the work of shaving foam and aftershave. Razoli repairs and nourishes your skin in the only way your skin knows – the natural way. 


Razoli shaving oil is also available for men.


Razoli scheerolie voor vrouwen kopen 
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