Believing in the benefits of going organic involves more than just eating organic potatoes and drinking healthy juices or smoothies. It also involves avoiding plastic and using glass or stainless steel instead, as well as finding the best versions of the things you use daily. And it involves gathering knowledge and learning about how to become even more organic.

Truly believing in the benefits of an organic approach means adopting an all-round organic lifestyle and pursuing it as far as is possible. Thanks to the following products, you can rest assured that you are heading in the right direction.

  1. 1. Keep your smoothie in a glass Soulbottle

Reusable glass bottles with a story - Soulbottles - at amanvida.euEvery year over 35 billion plastic bottles end up in our oceans and dumping grounds. And these PET bottles need around 450 years to biodegrade naturally. That’s why Soulbottles creates reusable glass bottles with beautiful and unique designs. Every bottle has a ceramic lid and a sealing ring made of natural rubber and chalk. Whether you love the Flower of Life or inspirational sayings, there is a Soulbottle for everybody.



  1. 2. Flavour your dishes with Khoisan fleur de sel

Khoisan fleur de sel -‘Don’t use less salt, use better salt,’ is what Amanprana believes. That’s because not all salts are the same. As opposed to common salt, which is nothing but sodium chloride plus a few additives to prevent clumping and other issues, Khoisan fleur de sel is sea salt in its purest form – rich in electrolytes and trace elements. The salt is naturally filtered through an underground barrier of limestone, quartz and shell beds. Khoisan fleur de sel will make every dish that much healthier.



  1. 3. Consider the organic versions of toothpaste and shampoo

Organic hair care products - amanvida.euRegular toothpaste and shampoo often contains tiny plastic particles called microbeads that end up in the drains when your rinse you mouth or hair. They add grit to cosmetics (which is great for removing dirt) but are so small that they get through all filters and end up in the rivers and seas. Organic toothpastes that use clay or aloe vera and shampoos containing oat milk and essential oils are much better for both you and the environment.



  1. 4. Nourish your mind with knowledge that can make a difference

Healthy food, happy people - Amanprana Book - amanvida.euNo matter how great a proponent you are of a healthy lifestyle, there will always be moments when you’re a little lost and choose unhealthy alternatives. The quickest way to get back on the wagon is to delve into an encouraging book that deals with healthy nourishment and includes delicious recipes, such as Healthy Food, Happy People. This lifestyle guide will soon make you understand how simple it is to go organic and you will be spurred to get back into the kitchen and use the best possible ingredients.


  1. 5. Swap your plastic lunchbox for a stainless steel one

Stainless Steel Food Containers - amanvida.euAs opposed to plastic, stainless steel contains no plasticisers or lead and is the safest possible medium for storing food. It is nontoxic and does not seep into your food or drinks, while the quality and flavour of the contents remains perfect. Our two-compartment and three-compartment stainless steel lunchboxes close properly and they include a mini-snack box. We also offer a round lunchbox for those who love their Indian bento box as well as a rectangular salad box.