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Hari Tea

Hari Tea

Hari Tea- Caffeine-free herbal tea in organic cotton teabags, composition based on the classical Yoga / Ayurveda teachings

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Hari Tea

  • Herbal Tea is an herbal tea in larger organic cotton teabags
  • Composed based on classical yoga teachings
  • Cafeïne-free herbal blends and spices
  • Original packaging for a unique tea experience

Hari Treasure was founded in 2008 by the founders of Yogi Tea, experiences yoga teachers and practicioners of alternative medicine. They were inspired by Guru Dev Singh, master of meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan, to develop a new tea variety. A wellness tea. This is how Hari Tea came to be. Each Hari Tea was carefully designed and created through the studying of classical yoga and herbal medicine of India. 

Hari herbal tea comes in a larger teabags, made from organic cotton. This allows the herbs and spices sufficient space to release their full, rich flavours.

Hari Tea are caffeine free herbal blends perfect for any time of the day. 

The Spiritual Idea Behind The Development of Hari Tea

'Hari' means 'Creation in Action' or "active creation' in Sanskrit, the ancient sacred language of Hinduism. The tea flavours have been made in complement to this idea. The Hari tea variety correspond to the four elements of life which determinde the continuous development of the human beging - Hari being the human. 

  • The Physical
  • The Spiritual
  • The Mental
  • and Inspiration 

The Physical - As people we aim for a body that functions optimally and efficiently eliminates waste so that we can do and feel everything in like we desire in our lives. (Tummy in Harmony)

The Spiritual - As people we seek contact and a sense of connectedness with other people, nature, with everything in the universe, so that we can find peace in the fact that we do not exist alone but are part of much larger whole. (Sweetheart)

The Mental - As people we function well when we can assess what is good and what is bad for us and which steps are the best to take. (Mindscape)

Inspiration - We set us ourselves apart from other beings through creative and rational side, we think constantly and then explore what we can do, create, make and achieve. (Golden Chai)

The herbs in Hari Tea support these four elements.

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