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Amanprana Qi-board, wooden cutting board, now at

Amanprana Qi-board

Amanprana Qi-boards: super-hygienic and beautiful as a cutting board, cheese board, bread board or decorative tray

Amanprana's wooden cutting boards are all unique. They are handmade, each from 1 piece of camphor laurel wood. Not glued and no pressed waste wood. To make these beautiful wooden cutting boards, Amanprana has deliberately chosen wood from the camphor laurel. This wood has naturally antibacterial essential oils. It makes the board more hygienic and it smells delicious! 


Wooden Cutting Board with a unique size, shape and structure, those are the Qi-boards from Amanprana

The wooden cutting board from Amanprana are unique. These cutting boards are not mass produced but are made from one piece of camphor and are completely hand made. The beautiful grain structure of the tree can be seen on the final product and then finds its place in your kitchen. 

Commercial wooden cutting boards consist largely of scraps and remnants of pressed wood and is glued together with artificial glue. Such cutting boards, one has that are made from  wood chips and wood residues, are less hygienic. Bacteria and other substances can seep between the slits and cuts of the cutting board. This means that your food come in contact with artificial adhesives. The Amanprana Qi-boards in contrast are fully made of camphor. No slots where substance can find their way into and camphor naturally contains anti-bacterial properties.

Scientists have proven that camphor cutting boards are the most hygienic

They are 3 to 5 times less susceptible to bacteria and fungi – the smaller the factor, the better the hygiene (see table*). 

Camphor laurel
Fungi 3,3 8,0 9,7 5,7
Bacteria 0,7 1,7 7,3 8,0

*Alan Waterson, Southern Cross-University, Lismore, Australia

Wooden Cutting Boards that are Multifunctional & Ecofriendly

The Amanprana Qi-boards can not only be used as cutting boards, but also as a serving tray for breakfast, snacks, bread and cheese. They give a warm look and feel to any dish that you may serve on it. And as cutting board, they make cutting fruits and vegetables simply pleasant. The wood prevents your knives from becoming obtuse also.

To make this beautiful cutting board Amanprana chose deliberately for Camphor, because of its natural oils that make it more hygienic. The Champor originates from Australia, where the colonists imported the tree as means to provide shade. It grows much faster than the native Eucalyptus tree.

More information about these wooden cutting boards from Amanprana can be found in Amanprana's official website:

For questions or remarks, we at Amanvida are happy to help!

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