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Buy Coconut Oil? Organic Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed

Coconut oil organic

AMANVIDA | AMANPRANA Organic Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil

Why should you buy Amanprana at Amanvida, the official Amanvida webshop? 

Buying coconut oil at Amanvida has many benefits. Not only are we an organic, ethical and sustainable webshop that offers premium quality organic products at a fair price, but we are also the official webshop of Amanprana. Amanprana is the first European producer of organic extra virgin coconut oil. 

As the official Amanprana webshop we can sed you fresh products quickly and safely and guarantee clear and correct product information. Your coconut oil, as a result, is of top quality and has a longer shelf life. How to use coconut oil? Why should you use organic coconut oil? are questions we can answer as direct  supplier with pride and correct information. 

How to use coconut oil in the kitchen?

Coconut oil fits in every dish that requires a source of fat and more. Not only is it anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and easy to digest, but won't gain wait because of it. For breakfast you can spread it onto bread, mix into your yoghurt, add it to your smoothie or use in the pan. For lunch or dinner you can wok with it, make a delicious salad dressing, and even fry french fries*. You can also perfectly subtite coconut oil for butter or oil in your dessert or bakingr recipes. 

Coconut Oil from Amanprana is pure, unrefined, organic coconut oil and fair trade!

The extra virgin organic coconut oil from Amanprana comes from fair trade coconut producers who belong to Amanprana's own Fair Trade Charter. Amanprana launched its own Fair Trade coconut project to be even more durable, more ethical and to be able to work more sustainably.

Amanprana coconut oil is premium quality due to the unique preparation method. To prepare the extra virgin coconut oil the coconuts are peeled, ground and placed in dryers at low temperatures almost immediately after harvest. The dried grated coconut is then cold-pressed into extra virgin coconut oil. Unprocessed and unrefined! All the naturally present nutrients are stored and preserved within our coconut oil. 

Oil Mixes with Coconut Oil from Amanprana - Do these taste like Coconut? 

The taste of coconut is only apparent when the coconut oil is cold. As soon as the coconut oil becomes liquid due to heat, the coconut taste dissapears and the coconut oil gets its own soft taste. In the unique oil mixes you can taste a rich olive oil. 

For moreinformation about our coconut oil; you can visit the official Amanprana website: If you don' find the answer you're looking for, Amanvida is ready to answer your questions. 

*The Amanprana oil mixes should not be used to fry. Kokovita is suitable to fry with but conains less beneficial nutrients than the organic extra virgin coconut oil from Amanprana due to deodorisation.