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Tabitha James Kraan

Tabitha James Kraan

Tabitha James Kraan - 100% organic hair care

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Tabitha James Kraan – 100% natural haircare

Tabitha James Kraan’s natural haircare range has been officially available since April 2015 and was created by the UK hair expert, Tabitha James Kraan. In 1999 the hairstylist decided to extend her organic lifestyle to her hair salon, but she could not find the products that she wanted. So she decided to create her own haircare range that revolved around a common theme – natural ingredients only... and no exceptions!

Tabitha James Kraan is 100% natural, and where possible the ingredients are also organic. Each product perfectly reveals your hair, says Tabitha James Kraan. What that means is that your hair does not suffer from chemical ingredients, it is resilient. Your hair is not dull and frizzy but fresh and glossy. And your hair retains a fresh scent from the nourishing essential oils for extended periods. Her haircare products don’t harm, they repair.

The Tabitha James Kraan range is based on 3 principles:

  • Restoring the oil balance

Tabitha James Kraan’s oil balancing principle takes into account the natural sebum production of your scalp and aims for fresh, resilient and non-dry hair. In order to achieve this equilibrium, TJK has created a hair oil that balances the natural sebum production and protects and strengthens your hair. The cells of your hair easily absorb the hair oil, nourishing them and retaining the moisture. Your hair will stay fresh and smell divine.

The hair oil balances the underproduction or overproduction of sebum by your scalp. Tabitha James Kraan refers to this as the ‘Law of Similars’, where your scalp is nourished by the natural hair oil, causing your sebaceous glands to adjust their output accordingly.

The hair oil can also be found in the alcohol-free hair perfume and Amber Rose shampoo.

  • Proper cleansing

Beautiful hair is always healthy hair, and your hair becomes healthy thanks to natural ingredients, such as those contained in the natural shampoo by Tabitha James Kraan. It contains no hard chemical components that can dry out your hair or make your roots greasy. The soapbark, aloe vera and essential oils together cleanse your hair mildly and have an antibacterial effect.  Oat milk softens your hair and contains healing elements that keep your scalp healthy.

  • Nourishing your hair

Well-nourished hair can be effortlessly styled. If your hair is dry and dull, it becomes difficult to shape it and give it added volume, as Tabitha James Kraan has learnt in her salon. And that is why she has carefully chosen the ingredients that go into her haircare products. All the products in the Tabitha James Kraan range were developed in order to nourish your hair in a variety of ways, from hair perfume and hair oil through to a shampoo and conditioner or dry shampoo.

“100% natural. No compromise!”
-Tabitha James Kraan

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